Full Network and WiFi Security

Full Network and WiFi Security

Your own IT department in the cloud.

Full Network and WiFi Security - it protects your home or business internet,  and everything that's connected to it. 
Enterprise-Level Cybersecurity

Enterprise-Level Cybersecurity

Enjoy high-caliber security as a service, on par with the systems of Fortune 500 companies.

A Comprehensive Approach to Security

A Comprehensive Approach to Security

All elements of network and device security are managed and automatic, including POS terminals, credit card transactions, VoIP, faxes, and more.

Proactive and

Proactive and "Smart" Prevention

Ability to Defend Against the Latest Cyber Threats as They Happen without the Need to Download Updates or Plug-Ins.

Full Network and WiFi Security

For home or business - your own IT department in the cloud.

It protects your internet connection and everything else that's connected to it. 

Computers, laptops, smartphones,  your internet connected devices including TV's and internet cameras - with Full Network Security, all of your internet connected devices are secure and protected just by being connected to your network.  

Protects your network, and everything else that's connected to it:

  • Commercial-grade firewall.
  • IPS - Intrusion Prevention System to block attacks.
  • AntiMalware advanced anti-virus, spyware, ransomware, etc.
  • DDoS - Denial of Service volume-based attacks.
  • Botnet defense system.
  • ATP - Advanced Threat Protection against Advanced Persistent Threats.
  • Maliscious website protection - blocks phishing and malware sites.
  • VOIP QQS - Voice quality of service.
  • DLP - Data Loss Protection
  • Applications Controls - blocks malicious apps. 
  • Suspicious Activity Monitoring
  • Guest WiFi
  • LAN Separation for PCI and HIPAA compliance. 
  • A $100,000 cyber breach insurance policy by Assurant.

$100,000 Cyber Breach Policy - Included

This digital security protection package is so effective it comes with a $100,000 cyber-breach insurance policy - standard and included with every OmniNet subscription from Total Digital Security.  After months of due-diligence and testing, OmniNET's protection was approved by Assurant, and every subscription from us comes standard with the $100,000 policy.  This is a huge testament to the efficacy of the protection this service has to offer, and it sets a new standard for excellence across the IT security industry. 

OmniNet Assurant Breach Guarantee.jpgAssurant's cyber breach coverage for OmniWan includes reimbursement of costs related to, but not limited to:

  • Data Restoration
  • Systems Restoration
  • Customer Notification
  • Public Relations Expense
  • Customer Credit Monitoring

Free Network Security Assessment

You can test your own network, or any network at all for that matter, by just clicking the free test button below.

The test runs a comprehensive set of cyber risk assessments for the network you are connected to at the time of the test.  It is not an evaluation of your device protection, like anti-virus, for example, but of the network's connection itself.

If you are using our Device Protection service, for example, it is likely the test will be blocked because it is simulating malicious intrusions.  To run the test with existing Device Protection installed on the device you are using for the test, you will want to temporarily disable the protection.  

Click for instant internet security test.


MDS OmniWAN box_3230.jpg MDS OmniWAN box_3231.jpg MDS OmniWAN box_3232.jpg

green_checkmark_rx.jpegBe sure to re-enable the Device Protection service when complete with the network security test!

Find Our More About OmniNET for Full Network Security

If you would like to know more about the OmniWAN service, please contact us for availability and pricing.

Home, Office, Business - all of your WiFi and cabled networks can benefit from this comprehensive, best-in-science cyber security solution.

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