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Private email services and secure document storage with offshore hosting.

Why privatize your internet technology offshore? Let's get right to it;

  • In the U.S., the public and "free" email services are designed to mine and resell your information, as opposed to providing proper email services. It's a volume-based business that has no stake in protecting you and your information. As a result, you are losing your digital identity at an alarming rate.

  • It is not an exaggeration to say you are under surveillance daily, by governments, corporations, criminals, and creeps as they plot to use your information to the advantage of their agenda. 

  • Location matters. In the U.S., there is no due-process, checks, and balances, or accountability with the Federal Government during their surveillance activity. Ultimately, the law of the land trumps technology, security systems, and virtually everything else in our lives. We advise locating your internet technology in a sovereignty that advocates and enforces the individual's rights to privacy, and is transparent in the due process of its laws.

  • You want your next email account to be your last. Moving emails is inconvenient and disruptive, and you want a system you can live with for the rest of your life. Clearly, it's not Gmail, Yahoo, AOL or just any email that will do.

  • It is absurdly inexpensive to privatize, easy to do, and you can setup a system that will last for generations if you want it to. For risk/reward, value, peace of mind... there is not a better decision to make in 2014. And, 2014 may be our last shot at pre-emptively taking our rightful claim on our digital lives. 


Your email account is the barn door for the bad guys, and unfortunately, the good guys that are acting like bad guys.


The information in your email traffic, as well as the metadata it's wrapped in, is scanned, stored and analyzed, ultimately to be used against you in the most crafty and creepy ways imaginable. And while it is outrageous that this is happening at all, what we are really concerned with is that the biggest and most sophisticated crime syndicates in the world are getting into the game. They're getting in, they're getting in big, and they see the next two or three years as the greatest potential score in history. And why wouldn't they?


If you are a criminal the contrasts between traditional crime and cyber crime make your decision easy;


Traditional Crime

Cyber Crime

  • Potential Upside
As much as you can take with you. Unlimited and immediately portable.
  • Potential Risk
Injury or mortality. Eye strain.
  • Known Consequences
Decades of hard time in prison. A job offer by the NSA.
  • Difficulty
Very hard to carry out without error. Average difficulty.
  • Geography
Limited to location. Everywhere at once.
  • Get Away
Car, bandito mask, disguise, hide-out. Anonymous. "Off" switch.


The threats of being a victim of cyber crime are escalating at an unprecedented rate, and some believe we are entering an era unmatched in modern crime. For criminals, they have found the perfect job. For us, as the target of their ambitions, the stakes are high, and the consequences of inaction are unacceptable.

The Known Consequences of Inaction;

  1. ID theft.

  2. Financial fraud.

  3. Extortion.

  4. Reputational risk.

  5. Data loss.

  6. Privacy invasion, including video spying.

  7. Physical harm.

  8. Substantial inconvenience.


"... you don't have to have anything to hide to still have everything to lose. "



Privatize Your Email and Document Storage with Offshore Hosting.  Document Storage with Offshore Hosting.  Privatize Your Email and Document Storage


With the right resources, privatizing your internet technology for you, your home and family, your office, and small business is incredibly simple and inexpensive.

The fundamental considerations, when deciding to evaluate your options, include; hardware, software, location, portability, compatibility, terms of service, and of course, cost. 

Internet Privatization Checklist 






 Terms of Service


All of these factors are important and the various aspects of the technology must work in harmony. At the end of the article, there is information to contact us for more information, free consultations, and instant quotes. 

Now that we've covered "privatization", let's discuss the reasoning behind an "offshore" location.

Privatizing Your Email

Location of your web host and data is a crucial piece to your plan to privatize your internet technology.

As we mentioned above in the "Internet Privitazation Checklist", geography is important. In fact, you could argue it's most important in the scheme of these things, and we referred to that earlier by saying; "The law of the land trumps everything." Ultimately, the best technology, security systems and terms of service, don't matter when the federal government decides to take supreme control over our privacy and individuality. We strongly suggest offshore email hosting for private email accounts and document storage. Remember, you don't have to have anything to hide, to have everything to lose


 Privatize Your Email and Document Storage with Offshore Hosting.  Click here for more detail.


We will be writing more about empowering individuals, homes and families, offices, and small businesses, with the information they need to opt off the public Internet grid, and reclaim their digital identities and assets. In the meantime, if you would like to learn more, please contact us. For readers of this post, we are offering a free 15 minute consultation and immediate quote. 


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Privatize Your Email and Document Storage with Offshore Hosting.  Where does Total Digital Security locate its network operations center, and why?

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