Offshore Email Hosting and Data Storage for Private Internet Access


 When it comes to private internet access, geography trumps everything else for secure email service, and data storage security.

It doesn't matter how hard you try to be secure on the internet when the law of the land allows not only commercial and criminal assaults on your privacy, but is also it's worst perpetrator through activities that are both warrantless and unaccountable. In the U.S., you are on your in terms of your personal privacy and security.

"Mass surveillance invariably means that it's not you that will determine if you have something to hide. Under mass surveillance, everyone has a lot to lose."

For genuine control and self-determination of your information and identification, offshore email hosting and data storage are the foundation of an effective and durable risk-management plan. The rest of the components, which we discussed in "Privatizing Internet Technology with Offshore Email and Data Storage." , are important, but for truly private email service and control of your information and data security, offshore hosting is a must.



Switzerland's constitution is clear and the laws are zealously enforced. The right to an individual's privacy is deeply ingrained in the culture and discretion is still a highly regarded social virtue. Swiss law reflects a deep understanding of the repurcussions of secret and unaccountable actions against its own people by those in power. The adage "Absolute power, corrupts absolutely.", reflects the lack of margin for error in these matters.

"Swiss law reflects a deep understanding of the repurcussions of secret and unaccountable actions against its own people by those in power."

Email service in the U.S. has become an information gathering snare and is a far cry from what it was originally meant to be. For more on this subject, please see; "How to Become a Billionaire by the Age of 25."

Please click here for more on "Why Switzerland?".

And from the MIT Technology Review “The country has always stored valuables for people all around Europe—even before money,”


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