Offshore Email and Data Storage

Do you believe that only criminals and money launderers need offshore email and data storage accounts? That couldn’t be further from the truth. Or maybe you think you have nothing to hide? Or that, with the millions of people on the internet, the chances of anyone actually looking at your data are slim to none? Think again. There are countless eyes working around the clock to grab your information, and most of them are not working in your best interests.


Your data as a product

Every for-profit company sells something, whether it’s a product or a service. So what about all of these companies that offer free email and data storage? What are they selling? Your data, that’s what. Data mining is big business, and marketers are willing to pay a lot for the information you give away in exchange for a free email or cloud account. And they’re not stealing your data; you’re giving it to them. Unless you go private, that is.

Why going private is better

With free email and data storage services, you’re just a means to an end. The customers are the marketers to whom those companies sell your data. When you use a private provider, you’re the one and only customer. The product you’re buying is secure storage and transmission of your data. There’s no one downstream waiting to capitalize on your personal information.

Your data as surveillance

According to documents provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, the agency has collected millions of contact lists, which means the government knows whom you’re emailing and who’s emailing you. In addition, the law allows the NSA to collect both the contents and the metadata of your online communications – without a warrant – as long as you’re communicating with someone in another country. But it’s safe to assume that some domestic communications are caught in that net, too. While you may believe you have nothing to hide, a few “suspicious” words or phrases could be enough to prompt an agent to start an investigation that would be an enormous hassle. It’s pretty unsettling, but the NSA has the ability to monitor just about everything you do online.

Why Switzerland is better

Switzerland is well-known for its banking privacy laws, and the country is quickly becoming a popular choice for its commitment to data privacy. If you use a server located in Switzerland, no government agency can conduct surveillance on you without a warrant and, even then, you have to be notified. 

How to get started

Relocating all of your digital information is never hassle-free, but we can help you do it with a minimum of inconvenience on your part. Our basic service provides an ultra-secure Swiss email account, 2GB of storage, and continuous monitoring to protect the security of your data. Your information won’t be sold, and the Swiss won’t just hand it over to some government agency upon request. In addition, we can also help you setup your own family domain or access a VPN network. We can even help you set up a digital information beneficiary so that someone in your family will have access to your information no matter what happens to you down the road.

A Swiss email account is the last email account you’ll ever need. You won’t need to close an account and start a new one because there’s been a data breach at the company or because your own account as been hacked. With a Swiss email account, you’re in complete control of your information. You, and only you, decide how it’s shared.

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