Cyber-criminals use world-class technology, and it takes the same horsepower to defend from their attacks. My Digital Shield is an innovative and remarkably powerful system that uses the leading science available in cyber-security today.

For the home, office or small-business environment, My Digital Shield provides a seriously secure network and full protection for every connected device. The device is a simple, plug-and-play connection and is provided free, with the service. The monthly subscription price is between $69 and $89, depending on advanced features such as point-of-sale and credit card protection. 

We rate My Digital Shield as the #1, best internet security system available in 2015, for home, office, and business, including HIPAA and PCI regulated industries.


 My Digital Shield provides a seriously secure network and full protection for every connected device. 

My Digital Shield (MDS) uses the same technology Fortune 500 companies and other "mission-critical" operations use to protect their information, employees, and customers. Typically, this technology is deployed over a large, server-oriented enterprise, and the IT department manages the technology to keep the computers, and other connected devices secure from hacking and information loss.

What makes the MDS technology so innovative and game-changing is that the security center is cloud-based, and besides the monthly subscription price, you don't have to buy anything or pay anyone to operate it, service it, or fix it. That's all done by MDS, from the cloud. 

The service secures your entire network, including WiFi. And, anyone and everything connected to your network is protected 24/7, in real-time.  It proactively defends against the latest virus and cyber threats as they happen, without the need to download updates or plug-ins.

Your WiFi network, and everything connected to it, such as smartphones, tablets, fax machines, even point-of-sale systems, credit card transactions, and voice-over-internet is safe, private and secure. There is nothing to install, no settings are required and from the standpoint of the user, nothing has changed. The MDS device provides security so strong it is HIPAA and PCI compliant for privacy and security. 


No Hardware to Buy, No Contracts to Sign, and No IT Expertise is Needed.

The device is free, and you only pay a monthly fee for the service it provides. We call it "security-as-a-service". There are no contracts or up-front charges, no service or IT expertise is required. The service will protect you from viruses and hackers by protecting your network, computers, smartphones and all of your data. 


What It Does.

My Digital Shield delivers complete cyber security, protecting against outside intrusion, hackers, and viruses with just one simple piece of equipment. MDS Cloud Link plugs into your Internet router to filter both incoming and outgoing traffic. Because threats and viruses are screened in the MDS Cloud off premise, your home, office or business can keep its fast Internet connection while holding off cyber attacks.  

  • Firewall

  • Secure Wireless WiFI

  • Intrusion Protection

  • Malware/Virus Protection

  • Denial of Service Defense

  • Botnet Protection

  • Malicious Website Protection 

  • Advanced Persistence Threat Protection

  • Quality of Service for VOIP

  • Encryption

  • Custom Reporting

  • Suspicious Activity Monitoring

  • Data Leak Prevention

  • Isolated Guest WiFi 

  • Web Filtering 

  • Application Control

  • Secure Remote Access (SSL VPN)  


My Digital Shield for the Family.

  • Install the device at home to protect family members' identification, internet banking and shopping, privacy, and personal security.  
  • Demonstrate cyber self-defense and good habits with technology.


  • WiFi security for the home network protects your family from hackers, snoopers, and outside intruders.




My Digital Shield for the Professional.


  • Protect your practice and your reputation by protecting your information.
  • Easily secure your network and all connected devices, with one simple solution. 
  • Avoid expensive hardware, IT support and service contracts
  • Plans for lawyers, accountants, real estate agents and other professional trusted advisors. 

 My Digital Shield for Your Business and PCI Compliance. 

  • Protect your customers, protect your business.

    • My Digital Shield protects your network, including WiFi and all computers, smartphones, fax machines, point-of-sale terminals, VoIP and credit card transactions.

  • Monthly contract with no hardware or IT expertise required.


My Digital Shield for HIPAA Regulated Businesses.


  • Healthcare providers of all sorts are required to maintained the privacy and security of ePHI.
  • Achieve HIPAA privacy compliance without hardware and expensive IT contracts. 
  • Protect your patients and protect your practice.

The Best Internet Security System for 2015 is My Digital Shield.

We think My Digital Shield is the best example of innovation in cyber-security today. By leveraging the latest in cyber-security science with cloud-enabled technology, almost anyone can afford to protect the information, privacy and personal security of themselves and those around them. Please contact us for more information about My Digital Shield and our other recommended solutions for living safe and securely in the digital age.

My Digital Shield - The Best Internet Security System for 2015. 


 Learn more about Total Digital Security's full suite of internet security services.

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