New Risks With Smartphones and Laptops.A few precautions will dramatically reduce the chances of being a victim of cyber-crime when traveling. 

The fact is, cyber-crime is considered our greatest risk whomever we are and where ever we go. Every corporation, government and institution recognizes their #1 threat is online, and today, the chances of being a victim of cyber-crime is about 3 or 4 times as great as being a victim of traditional crime. 


c99ae721-cf3b-47eb-bffc-be5c4e1d645f Today, the chances of being a victim of cyber-crime is about 3 or 4 times as great as being a victim of traditional crime. 


Criminal cartels from around the world are using public arenas to prey on large aggregations of people. What we have seen reported from the Olympic Games in Sochi and The World Cup in Brazil, are just headline examples of what is happening on public networks around the world. Forbes magazine calls it a "boon" for cyber criminals. 

Brazil's World Cup Of Cyber Attacks - Forbes Magazine, June 17, 2014



  Brazil is a laboratory for cybercrime, with hackers committing crimes such as identity and data theft, credit card fraud, and piracy, as well as online vandalism. Forbes

  Kids Traveling Abroad


Americans traveling abroad are square in the bullseye of criminal hackers around the world. We are easy to spot, perceived as having money, and their experience tells them we're the most likely to pay without too much of a fight. Cyber criminals know we are out of our typical environment when abroad, on many levels including cultural, legal, and lingual, and that as a result we're less able to respond effectively, especially with something as intangible as data.


Overseas Risk on Your Device

Kids Traveling Abroad - New Risks With Smartphones and Laptops. Cyber Crime Overseas    Protect Your Device Overseas

c99ae721-cf3b-47eb-bffc-be5c4e1d645f More and more criminals are exploiting the speed, convenience and anonymity of the Internet to commit a diverse range of criminal activities that know no borders, either physical or virtual. Interpol, June 2014

The natural naivete and vulnerability of youngsters traveling abroad is attracting some of the internet's most unseemly characters. They are drawn to easy prey, and in some cases hold an agenda beyond simple cyber crime. The risks are very real, the stakes very high, and things are getting worse as time goes on. The good news? There are easy to use, and highly effective solutions that will drastically reduce the chances of being victimized by a hacker or cyber criminal. It is possible to be free, at peace, and safe, while traveling anywhere in the world. 

 c99ae721-cf3b-47eb-bffc-be5c4e1d645fIt is possible to be free, at peace, and safe while traveling anywhere in the world. 

The place to start when thinking through your measures for cyber security when traveling abroad, is our free report and infochart; "The 4 Components to Total Digital Security." The report shows the 4 bases to cover, and how to cover them with the most effective solutions available today. Get your copy here;

Download the Report   4 Components of Total Digital Security


The best way to insulate your family from cyber-risk is by creating private accounts, or to "privatize" your internet technology. This means private internet access using a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, and a private email service, like our UltraSecure Email service.  Check out "Privatizing Your Internet Technology" for more detail. 

And, for a limited time, get your own Free VPN Account from the best in the business, F-Secure. Free VPN service for Android devices and VPN's for Apple iPhones and iPads

  VPN Download Instructions


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