In an era defined by digital technology, new sensibilities for survival and success are increasingly required for employees and organizations alike. The “Cyber Security as an Employee Benefit” (CySEB) program is an innovative approach to cyber risk mitigation that enhances adaptation skills at the individual level, and impacts broader strategic and governance initiatives concerning employee training, education, and cultural change.

CySEB development comes from years of operating experience in the field as a provider of cybersecurity solutions to the perimeter; non-IT managed environments. Our practice provides us with distinct observations, data, and insights about the intersection of people and the emerging state of risk - both personally and professionally. Since 2014, we have brought these real-world experiences to bear for Cybersecurity Education and Training Services


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CySEB - Cyber Security as an Employee Benefit

The CySEB program is similar to a corporate health and fitness program – it’s designed to help keep employees healthy, productive, and safe.

In this approach, the subject of cyber risk mitigation is presented as an aspect of quality-of-life, personally and professionally, and as it applies to various environments including the office, home, remote, and during travel. 

For the employee, the experience increases the sense of accountability, drives individual internalization of the issues, produces sustained high levels of awareness in all environments, and enhances long-term behavioral adaptation.

Two Program Components: Education & Solutions

Education - The Education component is presented over a 2-hour workshop in classroom style and includes three parts: Inform, Educate, and Empower.


  1. Inform- The state of cyber risk and cybercrime today: how bad is it? Why is it so serious? How and why is this happening? What does the future hold?

  2. exponential change blackboard.jpgEducate- When it comes to coping with the parabolic pace of change in mainstream life today, not only are most struggling - they're entirely unaware of what's going on. In the Education portion of the program, a foundation for understanding is set with a review of essential concepts such as Moore's Law, the network effect, the mobile revolution, clouds, Big Data, Internet of Things, digital currencies, and other fundamentals that define the digital age. 

  3. Empower- In this part, program participants are empowered to protect from threats with increased understanding of ransomware, phishing, password management, DDoS, social engineering, cyber-crime-as-a-service, trends in hacking technology, and, importantly; innovation and trends in IT security solutions.


Using presentation material that contextually orients toward individuals, the three parts of the Education component together galvanize employees with a new sense of cyber risk as an existential threat – one that now applies to all roles and environments in their respective lives; personally, professionally. With this comes a sense of increased personal accountability with a greater desire to understand and act toward self-preservation with the tools and practices required to manage change, and counter the risks at hand.

Solutions - The Solutions component of CySEB includes a unique and innovative approach that binds learning with sustained behavioral change and use of best-practices.

How It Works - At the conclusion of the Education component, attendees are granted access to an online platform that provides employees and family members with cybersecurity technologies for use in their daily lives and with their personal technology. 

Examples of platform-provided solutions include password managers, advanced antivirus and device protection software, app-based VPNs, private email domains, file backups, and digital vaults - as well as tutorials, videos, and other resources. 

Expenses related to solutions subscriptions are paid for or subsidized by the employer. Vendor partnerships and sponsorships can be negotiated.


green_checkmark_rx.jpegTogether, the Education and Solutions components of the CySEB program work in hand to drive deeper understanding of the trends, issues, and risks that are defining a generation. 


A Foundation for Enhanced Adaptability and Agility

For employees to work, they must understand how the world works. But in an environment of constant change that progresses exponentially; experience and intuition fail. 

With CySEB and similarly conceived programs for continued learning and education, the organization and it’s employees are better positioned to face the challenges and demands of today and the future by beginning the process of narrowing the chasm between reality and understanding for thriving in the digital age. 

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