Today, cyber risk resides at the intersection of people and the technology they use every day, not servers and IT departments. For VIPs, we combine enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions with personal concierge-level support and assistance that provides privacy and digital security 24/7/365. 

The pace of change today is staggering, and yet is still accelerating. Nowhere does this apply more than in digital technology. Hackers exploit the gap between broad adaptation rates, and the profit motive that drives theft of personal information. 

Over the coming three to five years we will witness the golden-age of crime. Professional criminals, sophisticated cyber-cartels, street thugs, the kid down the street; all are crowding for their place in line during the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind. 

"Cybercrime damages are expected to rise to $6 trillion annually by 2021. This represents the greatest transfer of economic wealth in history, and will be more profitable than the global trade of all major illegal drugs combined." 

AT&T Cybersecurity Insights - "The CEO's Guide to Data Security."

Without protection and help, most users of personal technology are easy victims and helpless to defend themselves. In the end, they can be bullied and harmed by anyone that wants to target or "spray and pray" them with an attack. This gap is widening, and the consequences are deepening.

While cyber risk has been elevating to higher levels year in and year out, concurrently, cybersecurity solutions have been advancing with innovation and advanced sciences like clouds, big data software, and artificial intelligence.

Application of advanced cyber protection today is simple and extremely effective. It's also more affordable than ever. Cybersecurity software probably represents one of the best risk and reward value equations in life today.

"Cybersecurity software probably represents one of the best risk and reward value equations in life today."

For many, the time has come to adjust and adapt to the new reality of risk. After all, it's touching every aspect of life personally, professionally, privately and publicly.

Whiteglove Support and Service 

We provide concierge-level cybersecurity services for VIP's and executives, affluent individuals and families, family offices, professional practitioners and client advisors, online and crypto-investors, and others that cherish their privacy and digital security.

We act as their resource and "coach" during on-boarding, transitioning, and for helping when the invariable tech-related issues arise.

Since 2013, we have been protecting affluent individuals and families by providing eco-systems of cybersecurity with personalized support and service. We know the issues, the devices, the questions, and the answers. And we speak plain English in terms that anyone can understand. 

We have the resources and infrastructure to help anyone maintain an exceptionally high state of digital security at all times, regardless of location, hour of the day, or devices they use.

Cybersecurity Products and Services


Device Protection

Macs, Windows and Androids - Real-time protection 24/7 managed with the latest threat intelligence and defenses. Includes next-gen antivirus, intruder prevention, data-loss protection, browser controls, applications controls, and more. Protection is enhanced with artificial intelligence for optimal protection.  

Private Email

Systems built for email user experience and security, not information-mining and scaling. Includes SSL encrypted webmail, personal help portal, advanced spam controls with machine learning, and more. Private email accounts for VIPs reclaims ownership of the users personal information. Fully compatible across email platforms, yet exceptionally secure. Office 365 and other upgrades including email encryption are available.


VPN's for iPhones, iPads, Androids, Windows and Macs - automatic encryption everywhere, all the time. Works on public WiFi's around the world. No IP tracking, global server access, best-in-class protection used by large enterprises and mission-critical operations. 

Managed Network and Wifi Security 

For fixed networks, like homes and offices. Protects the LAN network, WiFi, and all connected devices, including IP security cameras, "smart" electronics and appliances, and all internet connected devices. This service represents the next-generation of cybersecurity efficacy and application.

Digital Vault

Real servers in a highly secure facility in Zurich to hold financial, legal, healthcare and other electronic documents not suitable for the cloud. Desktop and mobile apps make access easy and flexible, but highly secure at all times. Includes beneficiary features for document and privileges. 

How We Work

All of our solutions are best-in-class and operate in "managed" real-time for optimal cyber-protection at all times.

Our operating system is "open" to incorporate forthcoming advancements in cybersecurity and innovation in protective technology.

No long-term contracts, commitments, or protocols. 

We provide VIP clients a concierge-level of service and support that is unequaled anywhere in the industry. 

Cyber Risk's Weakest Link - the Human Element

One of the primary benefits of using digital security solutions with VIP support and service is the parabolic increase in crucial factors such as:

  • Risk Awareness
  • Behavioral adjustment
  • Ability to think critically about digital risk and personal information
  • Enhanced adaptation skills

Along with best-in-class cyber security solutions using AI and advanced sciences, we introduce best-practices and tips for greater practical understanding and application.

The combined experience advances every VIP client with the critical skills they require for survival and success in the new digital age. 

Cyber-security-as-a-service coupled with VIP concierge service is a valuable solution for anyone with anything to lose in the digital age.

To learn more about our cybersecurity products and services, for you or your clients, please contact us:

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