Cyber Security Solutions - The Four Fundamentals

Device Protection

For computers, laptops, and Androids

TotalDigitalSecurity_Image-Icon_DeviceSecurity_circle_v2.pngPreemptive protection from viruses and malware, data loss, malicious applications, intruders, and the host of threats our personal technology faces online every day.

  • Includes automatic updates of security and system software so your device is always optimized for protection.

  • Mission-critical quality and independently tested as #1 for four years in a row.

  • $71.40 per year, per device. 

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Private Email

Own and control your email.

TotalDigitalSecurity_Image-Icon_EmailSecurity_circle_v3.pngEvery trusted professional needs a private email service today to keep email and attachments safe from monitoring and scanning. No hardware is required, and you are in control.

  • This is the last email account you will ever need, and we will help you every step of the way, including a personalized domain.

  • Prices start at $5 a month. A one-time setup fee may apply.

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Network & WiFi Security

VPN - Virtual Private Network

TotalDigitalSecurity_Image-Icon_InternetSecurity_circle_v2.pngPublic WiFi, office network, or home internet - with a VPN your connection is invisible to anyone else and your location is private. The protection works on internet and cell connections.


  • Your communications are automatically encrypted and tunneled  for complete privacy and security.

  • Industrial-grade service, not a retail app, and yet seamless across networks and simple to use.

  • $89.00 per year, per device. 

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Digital Vaults

For sensitive documents and information.

TotalDigitalSecurity_Image-Icon_DataSecurity_circle_v3.pngAutomatic encryption, Team Spaces, and much more for true control and confidentiality of documents - works where you are, in the office or on the go.

  • Perfect for financial and tax records, banking information and account numbers, healthcare and insurance, passports, and other sensitive information you do not want on the cloud.

  • Free apps for phones and devices.
  • Prices start at $50 a year for 20gb.

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