Full Network & WiFi Security Solution

Full Network & WiFi Security

For WiFi and cable networks in the home, office, and small-business.

Full Network and WiFi Security - it protects your home or business internet, and everything that's connected to it. 


Your Own IT Security Department in the Cloud.

Computers, laptops, smartphones,  your internet connected devices including TV's and other appliances - all of it is secured and protected to keep malicious actors and activities out - before getting to you and your devices. 

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$100,000 cyber breach policy included.


  • Commercial-grade firewall.
  • IPS - Intrusion Prevention System to block attacks.
  • AntiMalware advanced anti-virus , spyware, ransomware, etc.
  • DDoS - Denial of Service volume based attacks.
  • Botnet defense system.
  • ATP - Advanced Threat Protection against Advanced Persistent Threats.
  • Maliscious website protection - blocks phishing and malware sites.
  • VOIP QQS - Voice quality of service.
  • DLP - Data Loss Protection
  • Applications Controls - blocks maliscious apps. 
  • Suspicious Activity Monitoring
  • Guest WiFi
  • LAN Separation for PCI and HIPAA compliance. 
  • A $100,000 cyber breach insurance policy by Assurant.

Contact us for information and pricing.

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