T-Mobile said yesterday that data from 40 million former clients and prospective clients plus 8 million current users had been breached.

    • The security breach is larger than the population of Spain (WIRED Magazine.)
    • The vast majority of victims weren't T-Mobile customers.
    • This is the fourth breach reported by T-Mobile since early 2020.

What was stolen from T-Mobile?

The personal information that was stolen in the breach includes:

    • first and last names
    • dates of birth
    • phone numbers
    • drivers license information
    • Social Security numbers
    • user account PINs

✓ The victims' information is now posted for sale by hackers on the DarkWeb. There is no evidence financial information was stolen.


What To Do

Whether or not you are a T-mobile customer, we recommend the following actions to help protect you from the potential fallout:

    • First and foremost, if you have an account with T-Mobile, change your PIN.
      • If you use the same PIN on other sensitive accounts, we suggest changing them too.
    • Also, ASAP, freeze your credit files if you have not already done so.
      • Even if you were not a victim of this breach, we highly recommend the credit file freeze.


✓  Freeze your credit files using this comprehensive guide:



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