Since 2013, Total Digital Security has been informing and educating individuals and groups about advanced principals and solutions for cyber-self defense in their every day lives.

With higher levels of awareness and a greater understanding of protective technology, our customers and audiences are empowered to take individual responsibility to reduce the loss of their personal information, reclaim their digital autonomy, and to protect themselves personally and professionally from their #1 risk today. 

Protecting With Commercial-Grade Technology

Our customers and audience members are people that own and use technology every day across many aspects of their lives. They appreciate the powerful and life-enhancing products and services that are easily accessible online from their computers and smartphones, and they want to access them freely, without fear and risk standing in their way.


To advance understanding and the real-world application of advanced cyber security principals and solutions, we created “The Four Fundamentals of Total Digital Security”.

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“The Four Fundamentals of Total Digital Security” categorizes the components of personal technology, the risks and potential consequences associated with each, and the leading technologies that protect from the threats at hand.

Fundamental #1

For Mac and Windows Computers, Laptops, and Androids.

Preemptive protection from the host of threats your personal technology faces online every day.

  • Includes automatic updates of security and system software so your device is always optimized for protection.

  • Mission-critical quality and independently tested as #1 for four years in a row.

 For more information about Device and Computer Security,  please click here.


Fundamental #2

For iOS and Android Devices.

Automatic encryption that works on public WiFi, office network, or home internet.

  • Your communications are automatically encrypted and tunneled for complete privacy and security.

  • Industrial-grade service, not a retail app, yet seamless across networks and simple to use.

 For more information about VPN's, click here.  


Fundamental #3


Own and Control Your Email.

Every trusted professional needs a private email service today to keep client email and attachments safe.

  • This is the last email account you will ever need, and we will help you every step of the way - including a personalized domain.

  • No hardware is required, yet you are completely in control of your information.

  • Prices start at $50/year, per mailbox. Setup fees may apply.

For more information about Private Email Domains, please click here.



Fundamental #4


For Sensitive Documents and Information.

Some documents should not be on the cloud. Automatic encryption, Team Spaces, and much more.

  • Perfect for contracts and legal documents, financial records and banking information, account number and wiring instructions.

  • No hardware - web browser access, and free apps for phones and devices.

For more information about Digital Vaults, please click here.



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