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No IT department? No problem.

Small Business

Now your business can protect like a Fortune 500 company, even without an IT department or onsite tech support. 

Hackers consider small and medium-sized businesses less protected and under sophisticated, and are increasingly targeted by cyber-criminals.

Information theft, phishing, financial and wire fraud, domain spoofing, email forgery, and a host of threats barrage your business every day. But with advanced software and cloud-based operations, they can be stopped and it doesn't have to cost a fortune. 

All solutions comply with the most stringent regulations for information security and PII, including HIPAA and PCI.

Cyber is the #1 Threat to Businesses of All Sizes

Don't wait until it's too late. It's not worth it. And it's not getting better any time soon.

The cost, the inconveneince, the lost of trust and respect by customers and your supply-chain; it can be overwhelming and many businesses don't survive the aftermath. 

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  • Recent advances in IT security solutions that seriously reduce risk.
  • Systems are automatic, in real-time, and use artificial intelligence for maximum protection.
  • Cloud and remote operations support your needs every day,
  • Surprisingly affordable and easy to implement with no disruption to your operation. 
  • Superior service and response times.

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  • "We wanted a specialist, we didn't want complicated hardware, and we needed to know we were secure. Thank you TDS. You delivered."
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    Charles J.

    Business Owner

  • "It finally happened, my business was hacked and I paid the price. I needed to make good decisions. Fast. Thanks for being there every step of the way."
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    Joan B.

    Business Owner

  • "I wanted to be sure my cybersecurity decisions were smart and informed, and I wanted to know I would be supported when I needed it. You haven't let me down."
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    Andres G.

    Business Owner

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