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IT Security for the rest of us.

Individuals & Families

We're pioneers in bringing business-class cybersecurity solutions to anyone who cares to protect. We make advanced protection accessible, affordable, and easy to use. And we provide all the support and service you will ever need.

Our solutions protect you from ID theft, financial fraud, viruses including ransomware, spyware and other malware, and are constantly updated and optimized to protect from new and evolving threats.

With cybersecurity products from Total Digital Security, you no longer have to be a large company or organization to get the best protection available today.

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Best-in-Class Protection

Total Digital Security is a leader in cybersecurity products and services for individuals and small groups. 

Comprehensive packages and bundles, or a' la carte solutions:

  • Device Protection - to protect your computers and phones.
  • VPN - for auto-encryption of all online activities.
  • Private Email Domains - to privatize your email activity and reclaim your personal information.
  • Digital Vaults - because soem of your documents shouldn't be on the Cloud; tax-returns, sensitive legal and finacial documents, includes beneficiary features to avoid probate and estate settlement.
  • Fixed Network Security - to protect your home WiFi, and all connected devices in the network - it's your IT security department in the Cloud. 

How We Work

Total Digital Security has been nominated for "Best Provider - Cyber Security for Family Offices" - the first time the category has been included in the annual awards from the Family Wealth Report.

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Industry Accolades and Customer Testimonials

Accolades & Testimonials

  • "TDS did a great job in helping me out ! My computer was slow and virus filled but was running smooth after 2 online and over the phone communications. TDS went above and beyond to make sure everything was right. I have highly recommended Total Digital Security to all my friends and I even got my 85 year old Mother covered by TDS!"
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    James F.

    Owner - Construction Company

  • "Not only did TDS respond to my initial inquiry promptly, when the going got tough due to the computer's virus, they hung in there and went to great measures to resolve the issue. If there were 10 stars, I would rank TDS as a Perfect Ten!"
    woman smiling on strret walk black dress

    Elaine B.

    Traveling Executive

  • "My experience with TDS was outstanding. They were professional, friendly, and extremely knowledgable, making my set-up a walk in the park! they honestly went above and beyond in explaining all the aspects of the company and why it is beneficial to me. They are easily accessible to assist in any way possible. It was an overall excellent experience!"
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    Allan C.

    Retired Businessman & Private Investor

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