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Support for Device Protection

Online resources and help for Device Protection for Windows, Macs, and Androids.

Installation Instructions:

For Microsoft Windows Devices.

For Apple computers, including iMac, Mac Pro, and MacBooks.

For Android PSB Mobile Security.

* Top Issues for Support:

* About the Red-X on your Mac

Screenshot f-sec red x  If you see a red-x on your Mac after installation, see FAQ #8 below for instructions and next-steps.


* Apple Mac Blocks Installation of F-Secure

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 12.11.02 PM  4es  If your Mac is blocking the installation with this error message, go to your computers' System Preferences > Security and Privacy > General > Allow Apps from App Store and identified developers.

* ShieldTest is blocked by F-Secure

ShieldTest start nowIf you are being blocked when running ShieldTest, see FAQ #15, below.



* Mobile Security for Android - update release notes, Nov 2019. Click to download.


#1 - What's the best way to get started with Device protection by F-Secure?

#2 - How do I uninstall F-Secure Device Protection for Windows and Macs?

#3 - What browser do you recommend?

#4 - How do I uninstall Device Protection from a Mac?

#5 - How do I adjust settings in Connection Control?

#6 - Where is the diagnostic file for Windows?

#7 - Where is the diagnostics file for Macs?

#8 - Why is there a red-X icon in F-Secure's real-time scanning?

#9 - What is the best way to troubleshoot F-Secure Device protection?

#10 - What is Browsing Protection and how do I install it to my browser?

#11 - How do I find the name of my computer?

#12 - How do I control the firewall, and make exceptions for websites in browser control?

#13 - How do I enable the F-Secure browser security extension for Safari?

#14 - How to remove adware, spyware, and PUPs?

#15 - How to allow ShieldTest with Computer Security from F-Secure.

F-Secure Computer Protection User Guides:

For Macs -  click for the User's Manual.

For Windows - click for the User's Manual.

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