Cybercrime is big business. With costs estimated to be in the trillions of dollars annually by 2021 according to Microsoft and the World Economic Forum, the NSA and others have coined the next few years as "The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History." Click for more.

The flip-side to the bad news is that these enormous economic damages are driving innovation in cybersecurity solutions like never seen before. People are demanding answers, and the IT security industry is responding with terrific products that are increasingly affordable and easy to use.

It's our job at TDS to find the best products available, make them accessible, and recommend them to you according to your needs; at home, business or professional practice, and with your family members. We call it "Cybersecurity for Life."

Cybersecurity solutions have become so effective that cybercriminals now focus more on hacking people than they do technology. Most are unaware of the risk, it's relevance to their daily lives, and are woefully unprepared for the damages they face.

A perfect example of the lack of preparedness is in password management.


A key element to everyday protection from cyber risk is good password habits.

It's not easy managing the many online accounts and logins we all have today. Especially when good passwords are not:

  • Predictable
  • Short
  • The same or similar across your accounts and logins 

Sound familiar?

If your passwords are short, predictable, and if you use the same or variations of the same password across your accounts - then you are increasingly vulnerable to joining the long list of new victims hackers score every day. 

To punctuate the point - see this about the most significant collection of stolen data ever, called "Collection #1."

This "collection" includes over 1 billion (1,160,253,228 to be precise) unique passwords and email addresses stolen and being used by hackers around the world to target and breach us - people using personal technology on the internet.

Password Management

Enter our newest top-recommended product; LastPass for password management. 

screenshot of LastPass password manager app on mobile deviceI have been using LastPass personally and professionally for over 5-years. This software app has become an everyday tool, and if you are not currently using a password manager then I heartily recommend taking a look.

Last year they introduced a terrific new version called LastPass for Families. For parents, the app is a great place to start the discussion with kids about privacy, personal information, and life-skills for the Digital Age.

We highly recommend password managers for everyday use, and considering our experience with LastPass and the company's record of innovation and product development, we're proud to include it to our list of "best-in-class" recommendations.

Want to get started with LastPass? There is a free version, Premium syncs across all your devices and is only $36 per year, and versions for Families, Teams, and the Enterprise.

Get Started

**Our website contains affiliate links and TDS will be compensated if you make a purchase of LastPass after clicking on the links.

Get Ready

It's time to get ready for a super-cycle of crime and loss. The next few years are pivotal and will change the way we think about almost everything in life today. We still have time to be smart and preemptive, and to avoid living in the vulnerable under-belly that hackers prefer and target today.

If you would like a consultation for protecting yourself, your family, business, or professional practice from losses associated with cyber risk, please contact us. Our complimentary conversation will include specific solutions and strategies you can begin right away, and it's easier and more affordable than most expect.


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