Managed Network Security

The most complete and comprehensive protection available for home, office, and business networks.

A state-of-the-science application of cybersecurity solutions unified and managed in one plan, from an "IT security department in the cloud."

  • Secures your network, including WiFI and all internet-connected devices.
  • Protection is layered and intelligent drawing on six information engines.
  • Bandwidth is managed and optimized automatically to provide a seamless end-user experience under all demands.
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Installation is simple, and we assist from ordering to setup and optimization.

Perfect for working at home and smart-home security.

How We Do It

Smart, experienced technicians are on the job every day using the latest defense technology and threat intelligence to protect all your information, devices, and everything you do online.

  • Protection works in real-time. Complete and comprehensive cybersecurity systems monitor, manage, and optimize, 24/7/365.
  • The appliance comes as part of the service, and we replace it for free when hardware upgrades come along.
  • Advanced cybersecurity technology is delivered to your environment automatically and seamlessly across all devices connected to your ethernet LAN and WiFi networks.

Six data centers across the U.S. provide real-time comprehensive protection including:

  • Comprehensive network security managed in real-time, 24/7/365.
  • All network connected devices are protected.
  • "Smart," "aware," and preemptive protection.
  • Advanced encryption of outgoing information.
  • Commercial-class firewall.
  • Bandwidth managed and optimized.
  • Enterprise-grade protection for home, office, and business coupled with bandwidth management for real speed and functionality.
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Complete and Comprehensive Protection

Now, you can enjoy the Internet for all its worth – without worry and risk.

The OmniNET Router Network and WiFi Security service is the best available cyber-protection plan OmniWAN OBR Appliance Imagesdadtds.jpg copy-1available today.

The service includes an "appliance" that sits between your ISP internet modem and Wi-Fi router.

Printers, TVs, security cameras, everything connected to your network is automatically protected 24/7/365, in real-time.

Router, Network, and Wi-Fi Cybersecurity

Network security isn’t just a concern for large enterprises with a huge digital footprint. Smaller businesses, organizations, and even individuals share the responsibility of securing their networks so they can be safe and successful both now and in the future.

Total Digital Security offers home and office network security and business network security solutions for any size home, office, organization, or business - delivered to your door and connected to our "IT department in the cloud."

Enterprise-grade Cybersecurity

Enterprise quality protection means a solution that incorporates cutting-edge knowledge and systems. Often, these enterprise-level solutions require extensive planning, significant capital, and high-level technological expertise to implement properly.

Total Digital Security provides the highest-caliber security network available -- security on par with the systems of Fortune 500 companies -- to small, medium, large organizations and families.

A Comprehensive Approach to Security

Our network security system is applied to the entire network, so that all of its settings are inherited by any devices connected to it. In this interconnected ecosystem, all of the network protections work to complement each other, adding convenience and ease of use. These network security systems are managed and automatic, providing around-the-clock monitoring and protection.

Preemptive and "Smart" Protection

While the concept of a wireless network has become as familiar as televisions and computers, the ins and outs of privacy and security associated with wireless data transmission are not only less familiar, but also constantly evolving. Most of us simply don’t have the time or expertise necessary to ensure that the information we share over the internet is secure, or that the information stored in our devices cannot be accessed without our permission.

Our network security is a dynamic system that is constantly evolving in response to recognized threats. It defends against the latest cyber threats as they happen, without the need for users to perform manual updates or add plugins.

Every home and every business needs the protection of a network security system provided by Total Digital Security.

Why is home network cybersecurity essential today?

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What is Network Security?

Network Security is a comprehensive data protection system that constantly monitors and manages all of the data that travels to and from any devices that are connected to, or attempting to connect to a network.

With a comprehensive wireless network security system, all elements of network and device security are managed and automatic.

  • Computers
  • Email
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Televisions
  • Credit card transaction and POS terminals
  • Media players
  • any internet-connected home devices.

Comprehensive Multi-layered Cybersecurity System

Consider Network Security as a defensive system comprised of multiple circles of well-armed and well-informed security officers surrounding the perimeter of your property. It’s a multi-layered system that secures your network from the innumerable attacks it’s being subjected to on a daily basis.

Layer #1: Firewall

  • Your first layer of network security is a commercial-grade firewall. This is how traffic is controlled coming into and leaving your devices.
  • The firewall adds a layer of protection by preventing an unauthorized user from accessing a computer or network.

Layer #2: Automatic Encryption

  • Requiring no additional action on the part of the user, all data traveling on the network will be automatically encrypted; jumbled and scrambled into unreadable code.
  • No one from the outside can read a password, username, account number, credit card number, or any other personal information traveling through the network.

Layer #3: Web content filtering

  • This system is applied across your network to prevent malicious websites from accessing your computer with harmful or aggressive systems for information gathering.

Layer #4: Advanced Threat Detection

  • Content moving through your network is monitored in real-time.
  • "Smart" software to detect suspicious and malicious incoming information.
  • Malicious information is blocked and quarantined, generating an advisory so that you can decide what to do next.
  • Everything is automatic and seamless so that you’re only made aware when necessary.

The service is "set it and forget it" and there is nothing the user has to do. Warnings, alerts, and options activate when necessary.

Comprehensive layered security allows you to enjoy peace of mind knowing your network is optimally protected from cyber risk at all times.

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"I needed guidance that was in line with my needs and smart about the approach. I didn't want complicated answers and future frustrations. What you have done to help my business is truly remarkable and I would recommend you to anybody."

Retired Businessman and Private Investor

"My experience with TDS was outstanding. They were professional, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable, making my set-up a walk in the park! they honestly went above and beyond in explaining all the aspects of the company and why it is beneficial to me. They are easily accessible to assist in any way possible. It was an overall excellent experience!"

Managing Director - Single Family Office

"Total Digital Security outlined the various ways we can better protect our businesses and families. The Company's business approach is innovative and serves a critical need in today's "hacker-plagued" society."

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