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Untitled design (4)-1This powerful software protects your information and privacy to reduce the risk of loss and harm. There is no better solution for iPhone security.

  • Network Protection
  • Browsing Protection
  • Virus Threat Protection
  • Virtual Locations
  • Simplified in an App

With Mobile Protection and a VPN, all you do online is automatically encrypted and your location and online activities are invisible to the outside. The protection works on Wi-Fi networks anywhere in the world.

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Cybersecurity for Life.


Mobile Protection Features

1 - Browsing Protection

  • Browsing Protection is an important security layer that preemptively and proactively prevents you from inadvertently landing on phishing and malicious websites. 
  • Fully compatible with all browsers - it will work the same.  This protects you from seemingly legitimate phishing sites, clicking on malicious sites through an email link, or becoming infected through malicious third-party ads
  • Browsing Protection works with real-time threat intelligence and fetching the latest reputation checks from a range of third-party and proprietary information sources.

2 - Virus and Threat Protection

  • When using your Mobile Protection with VPN, your mobile devices will automatically be protected against malware and malicious content.
  • F-Secure's VPN service scans your traffic at the network level, utilizing the full extent of its vast security analytics capabilities.

3 - Virtual Locations

  • The Mobile Protection VPN lets you change your virtual location. This hides your IP address, for privacy and safety, and yet gives you access to local internet services when abroad.
  • You have the option to choose a server in the location of your choice from a list of 16 countries.
  • Closer locations will usually give you better performance compared to a server on the other side of the world.
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F-Secure is consistently proven as best-in-class for computer and phone security. The firm’s global standing is at the top of the industry year in and out, and we’ve never recommended anything else for protecting Macs, Windows, and Android devices. 

As are all our products, Mobile Protection is an enterprise-class solution and not typically available to consumers or on the App or Play Stores

Cybersecurity for Life.

All solutions meet or exceed requirements for information security and PII, including HIPAA and PCI.


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