The Merrill Lynch Private Banking Investment Group released new editions of their white papers; "Protecting Your Family in the Digital Age" and "Does Your Family Need a Social Media Policy?"  Each is relevant and topical, including real-world experiences and practical advice that makes a big difference.  

We are proud to have collaborated and contributed to the valuable information these papers provide.

Protecting Your Family from Cybercrime - White Papers


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All individuals and family members are increasingly at risk of financial loss, identity manipulation, physical harm, tremendous inconvenience and the potentially life-altering experience a cyber attack can bring.   As each week passes, the headlines continue to report cyber risk and its deep potential consequences are a fact of life for individuals and the technology they use every day.  

By most accounts,  the expected long cycle of cybercrime is just getting started.  But, by positioning now with simple yet effective measures you can reduce the risk significantly and avoid many of the threats entirely.  Plus, the individuals and family members you care about most benefit with a lifetime of greater security, digital autonomy, and the peace of mind they bring.  

green_checkmark_rx.jpegThese two white papers will show you how to protect in simple terms and with practical solutions.  

Total Digital Security provides advanced, commercial-grade cybersecurity solutions and uniquely makes them available and affordable to anyone that wants to protect from their #1 risk today.  


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