"The New Face of Risk for the Florida Lawyer."

3-credit Course in Technology

February 1st, 2017


  • Check-in: 11:45 AM

  • Session:  12:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Free of charge to registered invitees. Brown bag lunch included.

This course is designed to advance knowledge of the subject-matter, deepen understanding of critical concepts and drivers, and position you and your practice for an age increasingly defined by digital technology.



  • hacker_cash_money.jpegMobile computing, clouds, Big Data, digital currencies and block-chain, encryption, Internet of Things - what it means to the legal profession and in everyday life. 

  • Fiducary responsibilities and the protection of PII and NPPI - effective tools and techniques.

  • Digital assets, online passwords, and estate planning.

  • Trends in hacking and cybercrime.

  • Innovation in digital security solutions.


 calendar_icon.jpgCheck our calendar for alternative dates, or contact us for onsite training.

Topics: Education, Training, and Speaking

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