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Hi there,

If you're an investor you may have noticed; the cybersecurity business is on fire. 

Here are three reasons why:

1) Growth rates are faster than expected.

Demand for solutions seems ever-increasing, and it looks like cyber risk and it's consequences are going to get a lot worse before getting better any time soon.

And here's an insider's tip for you; no one is ready!

2) Fresh investment capital.

Attracted by the prospects of great growth, new investors in cybersecurity are funding the industry with fresh capital at unprecedented rates.

Innovation in solutions is blooming like never seen in the industry before.

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3) Advanced sciences are coming of age.

Artificial intelligence, big data software, clouds, and online networks have been evolving rapidly since about 2013.

Now, after years of exponential progress, they collectively will transform and advance cybersecurity science in the years immediately ahead.

The cybersecurity industry is a primary beneficiary of the confluence of advances in these digital technologies. This means - enormous consumer value in cybersecurity products is immediately ahead.

For the investor, it will pay to stay long. This is a secular wave that will arc for plenty of time to come.

For the cybersecurity consumer, well, it's just as good.

A Spring of Innovation

Solutions from the cybersecurity industry keep getting more effective, easier-to-use, and increasingly affordable all the time. 

Private Email Accounts

TDS brand icon- private email account

If you have a Private Email Account with us, be sure to see recent updates on the Support & Resources webpage. The benefits and functionality of your email services are enhanced regularly. There are some amazing new tools to see in the FAQs, here.

Router Network and WiFi Security

TDS brand icon-routerTHE premier example of innovation coming from the cybersecurity industry today is in Router Network Security. This service protects from the router, through the entire network to all computers, smart-devices, and appliances, TV's, IP security cameras - everything is comprehensively protected in real-time, 24/7/365. More here.

Protecting for the New Digital Age

Incredible progress in cybersecurity is at hand. Innovation from the industry will continue to spring forth over the years ahead. 

It is our mission to make these products accessible, affordable, and easy-to-use for anyone to choose "Cyber Security for Life."

Thanks for reading,

Brad Deflin

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Chauffer black car door cybersecurity for VIPs

Cyber Security for VIPs

See how we provide concierge-level cybersecurity services for VIPs, executives, wealthy families, and family offices.


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Bauman Letter June 2018 Brad Deflin guest contributor

The Single Biggest Threat to Your Wealth

Cybercrime is the #1 threat to your assets. The June edition of Ted Bauman's newsletter includes Total Digital Security's view from the field and our analysis of new cases from the first quarter of 2018.

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01-00-skull crossbones malware cyber risk.png

Ransomware; Ready to Rage

The Weekly Standard predicts a coming storm of new ransomware attacks causing tens of billions of dollars in losses. Millions of Americans will be affected - locked out of every device they own. Ransoms $500 and more coupled with the disruptive effects of cybercrime will threaten global finances. May 7th, 2018.

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florida-from space cybersecurity antifraud

Florida - Epicenter of ID Fraud

Cyber-guru Krebs says effects from the loss of personal information at the big-three credit bureaus is showing up in scam-rich Florida. Even frozen accounts are affected. It's a long, technical report but probably an indicator of more threats to come.

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hacker_cash_money-computer black hood.jpeg

The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History

You can take it to the bank, it's that predictable; over the next handful of years, we will experience a wave of crime the likes we have never seen before. 

Who's protecting you?

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devices ransom wannacry-cybersecurity solutions

Don't Let It Happen To You

Interesting in learning more? Contact us for information on our products and services to reduce your risk by 95% or more. 

  • Private Email Accounts
  • Device Protection- Macs, Windows, 
  • VPNs for iOS and ANdroids
  • Router and WiFi Network Security

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