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June Letter

Hi there,

What does almost every successful hack have in common?

The victim uses public, or "free" email.

These email accounts include AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, and services from the cable and phone companies.

In fact, every new customer coming to us this year as a victim of online financial fraud, ransomware or other malware, stalking or harassment; in every case, their predicament began with an email account from one of the providers listed above.


If you are a TDS customer, it's likely you have your own, private email domain and are now avoiding over 90% of all successful hacks. Congratulations! 

If you are still on a "free" email, read on because there is much you should know about the stakes at hand and the very affordable benefits of "privatizing" email for yourself.

Risk v. Reward in the Digital Age

locked_ampersand_private_email-497004-editedYou will see us increase emphasis on the risk of "free" email. 

And, we'll pair that with information about how useful and affordable it is to "privatize."

Individuals, families, professional practitioners and small-businesses - all should better understand the risk/reward and tremendous economic value of private email domains. 

"In a world increasingly defined by personal information and its ownership and control, and considering the modest expense to reclaiming email and its related metadata as your own, "privatizing" is just one of the smartest things you can do."

Read more details here: "Private Email Accounts - What to Know."

Who will protect you?

The numbers are in, they are almost inconceivable in their enormity, and it is increasingly unavoidable - over the few short years ahead we will witness:

"The greatest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind."

So, who's protecting you?

Big-government, big-business, big-tech?

Not as they're falling over one another to get our personal information. 

Read more and see the research for yourself here:  "The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History - Who Will Protect You?"


Your Email for Life

We create private email domains using the best systems available today. Systems built for the user's experience, including privacy and security, not for information mining, scaling, and what now amounts to digital stalking of account holders by "free" providers.'

  • Advanced machine-learning stops spam.
  • Multiple filters and screens block hackers and malware - before getting to your in-box.
  • No ads. Ever.
  • And, most importantly, your personal information is yours - for life.


If you are already a Private Email customer, thank you! I hope you will introduce us to others we can help to "privatize" their email.

Seniors, professional practitioners, new families, and graduates - all can benefit from avoiding most cyber risk today with a private email domain.

Thanks for reading,

Brad Deflin

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digital heist bloomberg $1.2b.png

Biggest Digital Heist in History Isn’t Over Yet 

June 25th, Bloomberg - This report on a $1.2 billion hack reads like a crime novel.

It's also a waypoint in our forecast from 2016 when predicting a hacker will be on the Forbes Wealthiest list by 2021. Escobar made it on the list 7 years straight beginning in 1987. 

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guns gold vpns russia china

Russia to Fine Using VPN Services

June 9th - The Hacker News "China and Russia hate the freedom VPNs give internet users ..."   

As we said in Guns, Gold, and VPNs:

"Your personal information and privacy is under assault by big government, big business, and big tech. Take control now and use a personal VPN every day."

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bw hacker laptop code rx.jpeg

Email Is Dangerous

brad cybersec for nonprofits.jpg

Cyber Security for Nonprofits

The Florida Philanthropic Network and leaders from Community Foundations across the State met in West Palm Beach for this year's annual conference where I was pleased to present "Cyber Security for Life."

Thanks for having me!

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pink wifi router shield.png

WiFi - How to Save You from Yourself

June 26th, Wired - "It’s not just safe; it’s impossible to screw up."

Finally - true encryption in a WiFi protocol. Next-gen WPA3 WiFi coupled with Router Network Security makes leading-edge digital security technology affordable to even small home and office environments. 

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2018-04-16-ghost-in-the-hotel-locks-ingographic-3-01 copy.png

How to access every room in a hotel with just one key

April 2018 - F-Secure Labs

The F-Secure report reminds - be aware, take precautions, and be on alert when in any hotel. 

Infographic on how it's done:

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