Your Alexa been a little 'icy' lately?   Routers all the rage for next-gen hacks.                                      

Russians, routers, and risk.

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In an unprecedented move, the US and the UK in a milestone agreement are partnering to warn that the trend for cyber risk is to target you.

NY Times Apr16 US UK warn router attacks

The joint warning is meant to prod individuals to take action and protect themselves because Russia is hacking their homes, businesses, and offices by hacking their routers and controlling their internet connected devices. 

You will soon start to notice a pick-up on the router-theme. They will sound like this: "Cybercriminals Hijack Routers to Distribute Banking Trojan" - the headline and article we link below. 


Because, the router is your on-ramp and port-of-entry to your digital self.

Whether at home, office, or business, the router is the gateway where your every bit passes. When hacked, your information is collected and devices controlled by a third party.

The Dark Web is full of resources for would-be router hackers for anyone from the professional cybercriminal, to the kid down the street - serial numbers, passwords, user names, ... whatever you need - it's all available for a price. 

hack router  modem illustration  rx

Of course it makes sense that our routers are all the rage for bad actors everywhere. It's that single point where everything digital happens, and they're easy to hijack - one at a time, or en masse.

I wrote this, and hope you will read more here: "Router Hacks, the Russians, and Alexa Wears a Babushka." The piece includes Resources and References for password changes across all your routers.

I don't know if your router-connected Alexa is the next Mata Hari in a babushka, or not.  But, in the final analysis, if she starts insisting you call her "Olga," you know it's high time to call us. 

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field notes spiral pad.png

Our Report from the Field

Losses from online accounts, real estate buyer loses $95,000 from Realtor® hacked over Gmail, CPA hacks (and a warning from the IRS,) and revenge harassment cases on the rise - trends observed from the field and the real world of risk today.


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Copy of Internet-1.png

When your Alexa insists on being called Olga.

Why are the Russians in your router? And what do you do about it? 


router wifi white wood-806156-edited.jpeg

Hijacked Routers Infect Computers with Banking Trojan 

Notice this router-theme going on here? Read what's happening, then get answers to shield home, office, and business routers with Fixed-Network Security.


colorful fish tank hack.png

Internet Connected Fish Tank Hacked at Casino

The Internet of Things = existential cyber risk. 

Siri and Alexa, watches, toasters, fridges, thermostats, lights, and the list goes on and on -  here is a colorful example of how your router and network can cause security nightmares.


google chrome logo middel finger  sq.png

Google Screws Users. Again.

Over 20 million unprotected Chrome users infected with malicious apps last month, including AdBlocker.

Note to TDS customers: your Device Protection software includes malicious app shielding and blocking. 


gas pump credit card skimmer .png

Gas Pump Skimmers 

For our many readers in the South Florida and Tampa areas, the Sentinel reports on hundreds of hacked gas pumps in your neighborhoods:

" A skyrocketing number of credit card skimmers has been found — and they’ve become increasingly sophisticated."

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