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Cybersecurity for Life.


Hi there,

What a week this has been. Never have we helped so many, as more come to the realization it is time to adapt and change. 

Here are some things we want you to know.

Engage With Us

We at Total Digital Security are here for you. Reach out, ask us questions, and tell us about your concerns.

Client engagement is crucial to ensure optimal results from your cybersecurity products and services. The best approach is to start by emailing us. Include the details that will help us to help you. Screenshots are helpful too.

Get Your Family On Board

Recent events and accelerating rates of change are increasing threats to privacy, security, and physical safety. The risk is existential, and the changes are profound.

Everyone requires new life-skills and sensibilities in this new age for humankind. We must lead the process of adaptation starting from home.

As a guide, refer to this white paper co-authored with Bank of America. You'll find it in the first tile on the linked page below:

"Digital Defense - Protecting Home and Family Online."

Clean Air. Clean Water. Clean Internet.

A clean and safe internet is becoming more of a basic need every day. Privacy, security, and physical safety are all at hand. 

This week, one of the world's foremost experts on privacy and the author of Privacy Code 2.0 sent all his subscribers my article on "built-in" digital security.

Also, and this is very important, when using cybersecurity tools, individuals and groups adapt faster, and critical-thinking skills increase measurably.

You will hear more from experts and the media about the increasing need for resiliency, digital distancing, and cyber-hygiene. That's what "Cybersecurity for Life" is all about.

Thank You

All of us at Total Digital Security are genuinely grateful for our clients and feel we have the best customers in the world. We are a growing community, and we are learning from each other every day. 

This is a heartfelt "Thank you!" to every one of you.

I hope you will stay in touch,

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Brad Deflin

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Total Digital Security

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"If remote workers don't immediately self-educate, and if businesses don't immediately provide their employees with security awareness training centered on the home office threat, then we could see global cybercrime damage costs as much as double by the end of this year."  Steve Morgan, founder of Cybersecurity Ventures and Editor-in-Chief at Cybercrime Magazine.

Cybercriminals Raking in $1.5 Trillion Every Year

"Criminals' net proceeds outpace the revenue made by tech giants each year."  Jonathan Greig Tech Republic.

Yes, Even a Shark Can Get Phished!

"Real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran phished for nearly $400K".  Herjavec Group Founder & CEO Robert Herjavec

Tax scams are in full swing.

"Tax fraud, such as scams involving phone calls, phishing, identity theft and accountants, often picks up early in the tax season, according to the IRS." Greg Iucurci, CNBC News.

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