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Hi there,

When running into old friends and associates, they sometimes say, "Tell me what you do again." It's not that they forgot I'm in the cybersecurity business, but less clear is what that means, and for whom.

So, we made "About Total Digital Security," and it's linked in the top tile below.

Cybersecurity = great tech + informed individual

Successful cybersecurity is half about technology and half about people. You cannot have success with one in the absence of the other. The ambient nature of digital risk requires consistent and reliable protection from technology, coupled with an informed and aware user. It doesn't work otherwise, which is the driving reason cyber has become humanity's greatest challenge today (W.Buffet.)

We coined "Cybersecurity for Life" because digitally powered machines and networks are changing everything relating to daily life - personally and professionally. And it's happening at a pace foreign and unnatural to humans. The effect is putting the notion of risk on its head as most are unaware and unprepared.

Which brings us back to "What do you do again?" 

Well, when you equip an engaged user with new, highly effective cyber defenses, the risk is reduced to the thinnest of margins. So, our mission is to bring individuals and solutions together. We do it by using the internet to make best-in-class solutions accessible, affordable, and simple to use. And we continually inform and educate our clients with threat updates, best practices, and our distinct observations and insights from the field. Our clients are not only protected, but developing life-skills that will serve for a lifetime.

Cybersecurity for Life - it's not only just what we do but our mission, and we're committed to the cause of helping others find the privacy, security, safety, and autonomy they seek in the new digital age.

Cybersecurity Simplified

In June last year, I presented to Montana's 9th Judicial District on "Cybersecurity Simplified." My goal was to explain the democratization of cyber risk and the corresponding fountain of innovation in IT security. 

A transcript of the presentation with accompanying charts and graphs includes:

Graphs on cybercrime- Understanding Cyber Risk
- Attack Motives
- Attack Targets
- Attack Damages
- The New Generation of Perpetrators
- Mitigating Cyber Risk
- Advancement in IT Security Tech
- Using Solutions to Protect
- The Human Factor

Click for more: https://www.totaldigitalsecurity.com/blog/cyber-risk-mitigation-law-cle

Thanks for reading,

Brad Deflin

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Cybersecure laptop on table with notebook and pen

About TDS

The who, what, and how of TDS.

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A Win for the Good Guys

"Aleksei Burkov, an ultra-connected Russian hacker once described as “an asset of supreme importance” to Moscow, has pleaded guilty in a U.S. court..."  Krebs

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MIT Tech Rvw logo

Machine Learning Enhances Cybersecurity

TDS uses AI and machine learning technology across our platform to protect customers' email, devices, and networks. Proprietary data coupled with threat intelligence from multiple sources not only increases security, but it keeps getting better with time. A report from the MIT Technology Review explains more.

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Phishing for Apples, Bobbing for Links

Apple devices are now the #1 target for phishing-related hacks. Recently, the surge in attacks prompted cybercrime gumshoe Krebs to report on the crafty ways hackers are targeting iPhones and Apple ID members. 

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iPhone in hand w blurry outdoor background

18 Life Hacks for iPhone

You won't believe how helpful and useful some of these tips are. Take a quick read to  find at least a couple that will make your life easier and more convenient.

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colorful drawing of WiFi symbol and 5G

What You Should Know About 5G Cellular

This article from the New York Times is one of the better short reports on emerging 5G cellular technology. Dramatic increases in speed and reductions in latency will re-ignite the pace of change once again, and understanding what it means to risk and opportunity will be increasingly important to readers.  

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