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It seems the real estate sales industry is finding agents and underwriters are experiencing email attacks as a result of their use of "free" services - Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, et al.

A bulletin from the largest title insurance company in the U.S. titled "Cyber-attacks on Free Email Services" was sent on to it's offices and agents and warns the lack of a private email domain puts the risk of scams and fraud on clients and underwriters. See our article on the bulletin from the Fidelity National Trust Group by clicking here.

We've been harping on ransomware (and are on record predicting 10 million victims in the U.S. alone before the cycle peaks) and the need to seal the perimeter by using private email domains and device security for your technology since this newsletter began over three years ago. The recently released "Threat Report for 2016" from Verizon includes a copious amount of data verifying the trend. Be sure to take a look at the report, linked below.

The good news is that the solutions we provide continue to be proven as best-in-class, and exceptionally effective at managing the risks. Contact us today to see how you can access these enterise-class solutions, not available through retail channels like the Apple App and Google Play stores, but exclusively through Total Digital Security.

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The Week in the Headlines

"Cyber extortion losses are skyrocketing with ransomware on pace to be a 1 billion dollar business in 2016." The FBI - as reported by CNN.


"2016 is shaping up as the year of ransomware - and the FBI isn't helping." The LA Times.


"Hacker-for-hire market is booming." Wall Street Journal. Cybercrime-as-a-service pioneer "Paunch", pictured at left. 


Apple Exploits

This time, it's your iPhone that's the target.

You glance at your iPhone and see a new text. It's from Apple and apparently it's time to renew your Apple ID. iTunes, Apps, Movies, your iCloud and Mac Mail; all are at stake. What do you do?

We seei this in the field almost every day - be aware, be prepared, and get protection because this is only the beginning (see Verizon Threat Report below).

To protect your Mac, click here.




Verizon Threat Report for 2016

Key nuggets.

  • 89% of the main perpetrators of (email) phishing attacks are organized crime syndicates.

  • Filtering email, updating software, and using passwords are top defenses.

  • Mick was wrong - time is not on our side. The biggest jump in Verizon's data comes from financially motivated criminal cartels that are leading the development of advanced ransomware that seizes control of your technology and information.

  • Email filtering is a key defense for future survival.

See how we provide customers with access to private email domains of their own, with four layers of best-in-class filtering services. 

Click here for the video.



The CIA's Secret to Cyber Security

Encrypt everything. Seal the perimiter.

Yep. That's exactly what we do.

Click here to see how we use an enterpise-class VPN to encrypt everything that leaves your iPhone or Android - including over public WiFi networks.

And here, for how "The Four Fundamentals of Cyber Security" provides an eco-system of protection, including in remote and perimiter environments.



Deflin Bauman_Letter_Brad_Cyber_Alchemy.png

Sovereign Society Reprint

Raw data to liquid wealth.

The Bauman Letter recently included my piece "From Bits to Bullion - The Alchemy of Cyber Crime."

We were invited back to the annual Total Wealth Symposium and are happy to announce we will again present with Ted Bauman in September, this time in Bermuda. If you are attending, I hope you will look me up.

 Click here for the article.


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