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"VIZIO to Pay $2.2 Million to FTC Settling Charges it Collected Viewing Histories on 11 Million Smart Televisions without Users’ Consent." - the FTC on February 6th.

To me, that's a really big deal. Yet, it's just the tip of the iceberg regarding what else is going on, like this:

"Privacy advocates say tech companies are becoming more brazen about collecting users' location data and personal information." - The Christian Science Monitor on February 6th.

Today, protecting our digital selves is a prerequisite for life, and personal encryption apps are a fundamental tool for the future.

For VPN encryption, our customers will be pleased to know WIRED magazine names F-Secure's Freedome as #1 in the field. Actually, according to the study they reference, there is hardly another you would want to use. See why in the article below. 

New MacOS Malware Linked to Russian Hackers Can Steal Passwords and iPhone Backups. The Hacker News

Love your Mac? So do Russian hackers. In fact, it's suspected the same group that hacked the DNC is targeting Apple Macs to steal your passwords. Where did they get the hacking software? Easy - they stole it from the FBI! What to do? Our customers love F-Secure for Mac protection - set it and forget it for less than $75 a year.  This is enterprise-grade protection, and as an individual or small group, you can only get it from TDS.

Every 10 seconds, a consumer gets hit with ransomware. Up from every 20 seconds in Q1 2016. - Kaspersky Labs

And, Yahoo is hacked yet again. Still on "free" email? Well, as the Hacker News says "The End is Near" as probabilities soar you will be hacked soon. Now, on Yahoo email, hackers don't even need your password to steal your stuff. Privatize your personal email and opt out of the risk. Here's how for less than $50 a year.

Finally, we have lots of customers and readers that are Realtors®. Be sure to look at the new version of wire fraud below.

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F-Secure Freedome - Best in Class

Freedome dominates the competition. Not even close, and you should know the reasons why. Personal encryption tools will be as standard as seat belts before long.



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From the Creepy Department

VIZIO to pay $2.2 Million to FTC to settle charges it creeped on 11 million smart televisions without users’ consent.


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Realtors® - A New Version of Wire Fraud

When you want to know the state of innovation in crime, look at cybercrime. When you want to know the state of innovation in cybercrime, look at what is happening in real estate sales. What happens there, invariably happens to the rest of us. 


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Phishing Scammers Target PayPal in Very Well Crafted Attack

Recently discovered phishing email looks like a benign PayPal login, but in reality it's a “very well crafted” phishing webpage.



How App Makers Increasingly Track Your Every Move

As smartphones become ubiquitous, app makers are becoming more brazen about collecting personal data, say experts and privacy advocates. 


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