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ATM skimmers, tax-fraud by email, super-wealthy are targeted, and Androids getting killed.


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If you see an ATM with a network cable attached, it has most likely been hacked and is skimming cash from customer accounts.  

Two network cable card skimming devices, as found attached to this ATM.   A closer look at the two network cable card skimming devices that were attached to the stand-alone ATM pictured at the top of this story.







For more detail, read about it from security guru Krebs;


Tax-related fraud has reached the point that if an incoming email presents itself as tax-related in any way, it is best to presume it is a scam. Bankrate reports on it here:

Examples of infected email:



Anyone that knows us isn't going to be shocked to read the Financial Times' piece "Cyber Criminals Focus on the Super-Wealthy". One of the primary entry doors for the hackers is email.

Which takes us to this:

The Atlantic Magazine published "Why an Email Hack Feels So Personal" about the author's personal experience as a victim of email theft. She describes the ordeal as "... like losing a piece of your digital self."

"If computers are like bodies, email is like the soul."

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Bandwidth evaluators can be deceiving, but this is a good one, as written up in the New York Times -  

The full article is here. 

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