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Another wild and wooly week in the field at TDS as ransomware, email phishing, and credit fraud brought new customers from around the country.

We are all about being pre-emptive, but the bigger business consistently comes from victims that are reacting, typically in disbelief, at the sophistication of the attack and the complications left in its wake.

Thinking you "have nothing to hide" and are not on the radar screen of hackers is to expose yourself to tremendous, potentially life-altering risk. And, expect the consequences to be just around the corner. Since the first day of 2017, we are seeing activity that tells me the balance of the year will be a sh#^ show. 

Just read a few of the brief stories below and for a moment ponder the implications of it all; not just to society, but to yourself, individually - personally and professionally.

What to do? It all starts with "The Four Fundamentals." Watch the 3:30 video:

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Washington cctv 70% trump.png

Ransomware Infected 70% Surveillance Cameras in D.C. 

Days before the Trump inauguration cyber criminals infected 70 percent of feds surveillance cameras in Washington D.C. cyber attack.



Radio Stations Hacked

Radio stations hacked to play "F**k Donald Trump" on repeat across country.


w2 for sale screen hacker.png

How to Shop for W2s, Tax Data on the Web

It's that time again, tax-refund scam season is swinging into full gear. Prepare now because it's easier than ever before, and millions, if not 10's of millions will be victims soon.

Florida residents targeted.


can you hear me now.jpg

Can You Hear Me Now? Phone Scam

Hacking humans to hack their technology to steal their money - it's here to stay.


firefox iphone.png

Firefox Focus for Serious Privacy on iOS

Always on private browser for your iPhone that blocks unwanted ads and trackers by default. Seriously good.



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