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New facts reported last week:

  • In 2015, over 7,000 new versions of malware were identified that are specifically designed for the sole purpose of stealing money from your bank accounts.

  • There were 5x as many victims of malware in 2015 than in 2014.

Malware on Androids - New malware targeting Androids was created by "very professional cyber criminals" and poses a threat to over 60% of Android owners, according to cybersecurity firm Kaspersky. This report is consistent with our prediction that malware, especially ransomwarewill soon be the #1 crime in the U.S. - its growth fueled by the increasing role of organized criminal cartels. 


"A new trojan targeting Android devices is as sophisticated as any Windows malware, and poses a threat to some 60 per cent of Android devices."  Kaspersky

And these statements made last week by Limor Kessem, the top cyber-intelligence expert at IBM:

"Things will get very intense in 2016 as more organized crime groups step up their presence in the digital realms. Today’s cybercriminals are often members of organized cybercrime “mobs.” They consist not only of the attackers (hackers) they are also headed by crime bosses and include other criminals who know how to move the stolen funds through the money laundering process."   Limor Kessem, the top cyber-intelligence expert at IBM.

Kessem's predictions are worth paying heed to as the trends IBM Security predicted in 2015 exceeded even their own forecasting.

For survival and success in the Information Age, it is essential you understand ransomware: "Four Things You Must Know About Ransomware".

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Personal Encryption - The Atlantic Magazine has included several articles on cybersecurity in recent issues, including this one on Apple's plans to make encryption personal and distinct to individual users of their devices. 

This is consistent with my belief that in the next 3-5 years we will be using encryption as individuals to secure our digital life - not operated by a government or corporation, but operated as personal owners and users of technology and information.


This is a useful introductory video to encryption, by The Wall Street Journal.

"How Encryption Works, and How It Can Be Bypassed"

Consistent with our value proposition, Total Digital Security customers will be well informed and advised as personal encryption technology rapidly emerges over the next couple of years.

The plot has thickened every week since we wrote to you in January about IRS tax-related fraud, and this week is no exception. It is so bad that some victims in 2016 are suffering for the second year in a row. irsbldg-580x740.png

“So, last year I was devastated by this,” one victim said, “But this year I’m just pissed.”

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