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Want to significantly reduce the threat of financial fraud and completely eliminate the need to pay for services such as LifeLock?

It's easy, and it's called a credit-freeze.

Here's how:

There are three credit bureaus and each must be contacted with your freeze order; 

  1. Experian -  https://www.experian.com/freeze/

  2. Equifax - https://www.freeze.equifax.com/  

  3. Transunion - http://www.transunion.com/securityfreeze

  • Each bureau will provide you a PIN to use to control, your account.

  • The PIN allows you to unfreeze anytime you are applying for credit, and then re-freeze when complete. 

  • Freezes can be lifted by you with your PIN for any length of time between one day and one year. 

  • The freeze/unfreeze activity does not affect your credit score. 

It’s a tiny bit tedious, but then; your done! And, it makes a big difference toward shoring in your risk to financial fraud for the rest fo your life!

Find more details here:

How to Freeze Your Credit Account - Do It for Your Kids Too

You are welcome.

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