Life's complexity, top advice for 2018, and calling all leaders.

Hi there,

Life - it's getting more and more complicated, isn't it?

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It's not just you

And you're not alone if you feel it's getting worse.

Increased complexity in everyday life is a hallmark of the Digital Age, like it or not. I don't know many that do, like it. Expect for hackers that see it as an opportunity to exploit. 

Dealing with it

Dealing with complexity is a survival skill for the future. And for most people, it begins with their personal technology and information security. Especially in these early innings of the new Digital Age. 

This is why I started TDS in 2013.

We were early to market, by design. We had a lot to do because massive changes lay ahead, and no one was prepared for the coming long cycle of cybercrime. In fact, most hadn't even thought about it yet. 

But to me, the future was crystal clear, like a movie in my head, And I wanted to learn all I could to be ready and to help others when the time came.

Catching on

According to the headlines and research reports over the last several weeks, it looks like others are seeing it now too. This is a selection of them.

First, from the New York Times, Dec. 27th, with their best advice for the year ahead:

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5 New Year’s Resolutions to Protect Your Technology

"The cybersecurity nightmares of 2017 highlight the need to protect yourself."

One of the top recommendations from the Gray Lady? Use a VPN, every day. 


Readers know my favorite cybersecurity guru is Brian Krebs. He broke the story about the Target breach in 2013 - the one that changed everything.

Krebs' year-end report for 2017 marked the 4th anniversary of his groundbreaking story, and the headline is:

little guy with a target on his back.jpeg4 Years After Target, the Little Guy is the Target

"It has been fascinating in the years since that epic intrusion to see how organized cyber thieves have shifted from targeting big box retailers to hacking a broad swath of small to mid-sized merchants (and their consumers.)"


Speaking of favorites, the crazy smart analysts at CB Insights, my #1 resource for data-crunching, released "15 Trends Shaping Tech in 2018." It's a great piece and if you're an investor it's a "must read." 

CB Insights Report - 15 Tech Trends for 201822.png

#6 - People Take Cybersecurity Into Their Own Hands

"It’s not just high net worth individuals that need protection. All of us (using) the internet are exposing ourselves to massive risks daily, with our PII (personally identifiable information) on the line.

And the CB Insights Trend for 2018 is:

"We‘re starting to see an interesting mindset crop up: cyber-safety begins with the individual."

And then they conclude the report with:

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"For the cybersecurity world, the new mantra is simple. Change begins with you."


Let's move on to the Wall Street Journal for their take on what's important for 2018:

The Assault on Security and Privacy Continues image shadows in the dark.jpg

Tech That Will Change Your Life in 2018

The Assault on Security and Privacy Continues

"There is a good chance you were hacked in 2017. There is a good chance it will happen again in 2018."

The Wall Street Journal, Dec. 27th, 2017



Getting ready

Want to learn more about survival and success in the Digital Age?

Come see me present at a luncheon held by J.P.Morgan Securities in Delray Beach on January 24th. Invitation is below. 

Prefer breakfast?

I'm presenting at The Breakers Hotel for the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce monthly Speaker Series on February 13th, sponsored by the Rosarian Academy.

More information is available below. 

Leaders' calling

Finally, if you are a leader, of like anything, a business, a committee, a sales team, a non profit - even your family - this is my version of "What to Know for 2018."

"The Four Things Every Leader Needs to Know in 2018"

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Complexity and cyber risk in everyday life? We ain't seen nothin' yet.

Thanks for reading,




Brad Deflin

P.S. - We're raising investment capital for our next stage of growth. You can contact me directly to learn more.


Some Coming Events 


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J.P. Morgan Securities

"Cybersecurity - Protecting Yourself in the Digital Age."

Sponsored by Bryan Defrances and Matt Kutcher, J.P. Morgan Securities LLC.

January 24th, 2018

Lunch at La Cigale, Delray Beach, FL





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"Cyber Security for Survival and Success in the New Digital Age."

The Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce Monthly Speaker Series. February 13th, 2018 at The Breakers Hotel, Palm Beach FL. Click for more. 

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Spectre and Meltdown

On the chip flaws 

Everything the average user needs to know.


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Wired's Guide to Digital Security

Choose your profile - Civilian, Public Figure, or Spy



IRS Warns 2018 Brings New Cyber Risks

The new risks are manageable, but you need to be aware.


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Yes, the Internet Really Does Feel Broken

WIRED magazine reports on "The Hidden Toll of Fixing Meltdown and Spectre" 


ML PBIG Jul-2017 Family Social Media Policy.png

Protecting Your Family in the Digital Age

Teach your children well - it's different this time.

A white paper by Merrill Lynch in collaboration with Brad Deflin - new rules for a new age.

Download in PDF here:

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Cybersecurity for Life - it's what we do.

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