Palm Beach Chamber, Citi Private Bank, our new website, and preparing for tax scam season.

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It was a big deal for TDS when we were nominated and short-listed for "Best Provider - Cybersecurity for Family Offices" last December. The awards are held annually by the Family Wealth Report, an industry association and authority. This year we are included for the cybersecurity category's introduction at their event in New York City this March. 

But I have to admit, for me, this Tuesday's invitation to present at the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce's monthly breakfast gathering is even more meaningful. Read more.

We are also sharing our experiences and findings from the field at the "Family Office Summit" with Citi Private Bank at the Tideline Ocean Resort and Spa in Palm Beach on Friday, February 23rd. Read more.

I hope you will visit our new website. It incorporates and "wire frames" the structure that has been evolving since we began. It's also aligned with our goal to be the premier cybersecurity platform provider for people and personal technology. See the new website, here

The government's response, or lack thereof, regarding the Equifax breach, is reckless and dangerous. The AFP, or Association for Financial Professionals quotes me on the subject, here.

Finally, be extra aware and prepared for fraud and scams related to your tax return this year. The IRS and FBI expect this season to be as bad or likely worse than any year before. Read more about the measures you can take to avoid being a victim.

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Some Coming Events 


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The Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce

The Breakers Hotel, February 13th, 2018

Press Release. 


citi_r_cpb_sponslu_l_c-186240-edited.jpgFamily Office Summit - Citi Private Bank

"What Every Family Office Needs to Know, and Doesn't."

Read more.



FWR 2018 TDS.pngThe Family Wealth Awards

Total Digital Security is nominated for "Best Provider - Cyber Security for Family Offices."

Click for more.


IRS Tax Scam Season

Want to minimize the chances of getting
hit by tax refund fraud this year?


Baumann Letter Feb 2018 FNS.png

An IT Department in the Basement?

Guest article in The Baumann Letter.



The AFP on the Government's Response to Equifax

The Equifax Breach Is a Wake-Up Call for Corporates.

By Andrew Deichler, 2/8/2018, with Brad Deflin.


guns gold vpns image.png

Guns, Gold, and VPNs

The liberties and freedom a VPN brings to individuals threatens China.

Get yours now!  

Read more from the NYTimes, or click below for our take.


ML PBIG Jul-2017 Family Social Media Policy.png

Protecting Your Family in the Digital Age

Teach your children well - it's different this time.

A white paper by Merrill Lynch in collaboration with Brad Deflin - new rules for a new age.

Download in PDF here:

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TDS 1-minute animated video what we do.png

Cybersecurity for Life - it's what we do.

Got 60-seconds?  See what we do and how we do it.  

YouTube video here:

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