Customer testimonials, an industry accolade, live appearances, a new product, and an emerging risk to U.S. business - North Korea. 

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November was a record month for TDS on many levels, all related to our focus on helping people survive and succeed in the new digital age.

Customer Testimonials

Nothing in business feels better than unsolicited testimonials from happy customers. We're starting to collect them and will be including many more on our new website soon. In the meantime, you can see a selection here.

Industry Accolades

A near 2nd place in our hearts to customer testimonials are industry accolades. The Family Wealth Report of London has nominated us for their category "Best Cyber Security Provider for Family Offices."  Click here, or on the image below for the press release followed by some comments of our own:


New Product - Full Network and WiFi Security

We've been waiting for the technology to catch up to the needs of our distinct market when it comes to protecting home, office, and business networks.  With smart homes, and more 'things' (devices) connected to the internet, this solution protects the entire network, including WiFi, to secure everything that's connected - TV's, printers, home cameras, all of it protected by your own IT security department in the cloud. 

Full Network Security is the future, and we bring it to you today. Read more, here.


Live Interview with Marc Bernier

I went back to my old school in November for a live-streaming interview "The State of Online Risk and Cyber Security."  I was totally in my element when participating in over an hour of questions and answers about the topic I've been obsessed with since my days in private banking at J.P. Morgan in 2012.  The YouTube link to the interview is here.


Total Wealth Symposium - Presentation and Panel

We received the videos from our friends at The Total Wealth Symposium where we were invited back to present for our 3rd consecutive year. One is a keynote presentation, and the other is from a panel on "Asset Protection."

TWS 2017 Brad.png TWS 2017 panel.png

North Korea and the Emerging Risk to U.S. Based Businesses 

On November 22nd, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the FBI issued a warning that North Korean hackers are targeting and infecting U.S. corporations with viruses designed to take control of their computers and steal their information.

North Korea bug flag.png

Cyber warfare, once about state secrets and social disruption, is now trending toward stealing cash and creating economic damage to the U.S. 

I'll be writing more about this, but in the meantime, Is it too far-fetched to think the North Koreans are head faking us? Maybe with the old "looky up there" trick? 

Could it be that as we crane our necks upward toward ICBMs in the sky, Rocket Man's glee is getting an extra boost by launching mouse-clicks by way of cables under the sea?  Stay tuned; invariably there is sure to be much more to come.

Thanks for reading, and to all of our readers, a sincere "thank you" and a wish for a healthy, happy, and safe holiday season and New Year.




Brad Deflin


Some Coming Events 

JPMorgan Securities.png

J.P. Morgan Securities

"Cybersecurity - Protecting Yourself in the Digital Age."

Private client event in Delray Beach, FL, January 24th, 2018. Click for more.



pb palm beach.jpgPalm Beach Chamber of Commerce

"Cybersecurity for Survival and Success in the New Digital Age."

The Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce Monthly Speaker Series. February 13th, 2018 at The Breakers Hotel, Palm Beach, FL. Click for more.


FWRAwardsNewYorkLogo2018shortlisted.jpgFamily Wealth Awards

"Best Provider - Cyber Security for the Family Office."

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, New York City, NY.  Click for more.

Spam box master.jpeg

New Spam Filters and Controls For Private Email

New upgrade brings next-gen spam controls. The Oct.29th upgrade to TDS  Private Email accounts introduces AI and machine learning to fight spam.



Why This Holiday is High Season for Cyber Crime.  



Device Protection Keeps Them Out 

For Windows, Macs, and Androids - Bring the power of artificial intelligence with real-time monitoring and defenses to keep the bad guys out for good. 



Firefox Quantum Upgrade Raises the Bar

"Quantum" is a serious upgrade and takes the browser to a new level for performance and security.


smart home device FNS-036724-edited.jpeg

Full Network and WiFi Security

it protects your home or business internet and everything that's connected to it.


TDS 1-minute animated video what we do.png

Cyber Security for Life - it's what we do.

Got 60-seconds?  See what we do and how we do it.  

YouTube video here:

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