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Soulful Email

500 million Yahoo email accounts hacked. Who'd have thunk it?

Well, I did.

In fact, in 2012 I thought about it so much that by 2013 TDS was formed. Society faced a wave of crime unlike anything ever seen, and no one was prepared.

So, TDS was built to seek out the best IT security technology anywhere and make it available to the rest of us - without the need for hardware or an IT department.

Email is attack vector #1 - the most vulnerable piece to your digital footprint. So, providing resources to clients to build their ultimate email domains is fundamental to what we do.

Ultimate Email

Email is like our digital soul. Personally and professionally, it should it should not be sold - much less for "free."

We advocate creating the ultimate email account: a private email domain - built for security and email, not information mining and digital manipulation.

Individuals and families, professionals and practitioners, trusted advisers and teams - all have benefited from our approach to private email domains.

Opt off the grid of abuse:

3 Easy Steps to a Private Email Domain.

WTF? Ever wonder why smart people do such stupid things with their technology?

The not-so-private-Powell case below, for example. Or, the master-of-the-universe Lehman Brothers exec that earned $52 million in '07 for his extraordinary ability to manage risk (and yet was hacked for $2 million in a real estate transaction conducted on an AOL email account.)

What are they entirely missing? 

We answer this in the link below, along with the NYTimes article about Powell - "Managing Change in the Digital Age." 

The point is; at this early stage in the Digital Age, it's easy to miss what is happening around us, and just how profound it is regarding risk and change.

Precepts for the Future

Taking control of your email communications is a top precept for survival and success in the Digital Age. 

So is using encryption.

VPNs make encryption so easy we advocate using it daily, personally and professionally.

Before long, everyone will use a VPN - like a seat belt - because it's too risky not to have it "ON".

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Brad Deflin 


Cyber Security for Life.


Total Wealth Symposium - Precepts for The Future.

Brad Deflin presents on "Cyber Crime - Protecting Home, Family, and Business in the Digital Age." Southampton, Bermuda.



Feds: We can read all your email, and you’ll never know.

Think your emails are private? Think again.



500 Million Yahoo Email Accounts Breached.

  • names, email addresses
  • telephone numbers, dates of birth
  • passwords and payment card data
  • bank account information



"Free" email and the fear of being next.

Not so Private Powell - The latest hack adds to a sense among people in Washington that they are vulnerable to intrusions.


"Managing Change in the Digital Age."

Financial Advisers cyber risk

Financial Advisers Severely Underestimating Cyber Threats.

The biggest threat to the financial advisory industry might be underestimating the risks posed by a hacker or computer virus.


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