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Once again, the world is on fire with online fraud and cyber scams.  And, as each week passes the headlines continue to prove cyber risk, and its deep potential consequences are a fact of life for individuals and their personal technology.   Some notable examples include:

  • June 20th - "New York State Supreme Court Judge loses over $1m in email scam." - Even smart people are still vastly unprepared for the realities of risk in the digital age.  If your real estate agent is still using "free" email, i.e., Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, et al - get another agent. Fast.  Click for more on this story, here.
  • June 22nd - "A Cyberattack the World Isn’t Ready For." - The NY Times got it right - the world isn't ready for volume-based attacks; aimed at many individuals, vs. a server, or IT department.  Click to read the Times' story, here.
  • June 24th - "Britain's Parliament hit by cyber attack designed to identify weak passwords."  Whether several hundred members of Parliament or a few million stolen Yahoo accounts, it's all the same to a hacker.  If you are still using weak passwords, you are increasingly vulnerable.  Here's what to do.
  • June 29th - "Relatives fear Facebook post led to home invasion and death."  Make no mistake - Cyber risk now encompasses all risk, including your physical safety and well-being.  Increasingly, over-sharing, unaware, and unprepared individuals will not fare well in the future.  Article, here. 


What we're doing about it. 

I started TDS in 2013 to give everyone the opportunity to choose better than waiting to be a victim of cybercrime.  

We uniquely provide awareness and education resources in combination with real solutions that are easy to use, practical for everyday, affordable to all, and highly effective at reducing the risk.  This combined approach infuses higher levels of understanding with fresh, relevant perspective and advanced, commercial-grade technology solutions that serve together to provide "Cybersecurity for Life."

Individuals, families, professional trusted client advisors, small businesses and large enterprises - we have an extraordinary level of experience helping people position and prepare for survival and success in the new digital age.

Here are some examples:

  • Individuals and Families - From living rooms to family office conferences, we are in front of audiences large and small empowering individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to protect themselves, and the ones they love most.  
  • Professional Trusted Client Advisors - Lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, healthcare professionals, and real estate agents - all are targeted and especially vulnerable to cybercrime and financial fraud.  Reputations and careers are at stake and yet, very few are prepared for the risk today, much less what tomorrow will bring.  We provide accredited CE/CLE continuing education workshops that not only earn the professionals the credits they need, but provide real solutions and tools that protect them, their clients, and their valuable professional networks.
  • Small Businesses - Today, many small businesses do not even have a hard line telephone, much less servers or an IT department.  Fortunately, the new breed of commercial-grade cybersecurity solutions is software-defined, remotely managed, smart and pre-emptive.  Cybersecurity-as-a-service is affordable for all businesses today.
  • Large Enterprise - The greatest challenge and weakest link in cybersecurity for any large enterprise is its employees.  The new digital age requires not just technology solutions, but a new set of sensibilities and competencies that permeate the culture of an organization.  Our programs bring all we have learned in the field from our work at the intersection of people, technology, and risk, and bring it to bear for higher awareness levels and sustained behavioral adaptation across the enterprise. 

By most accounts, certainly ours included, we are at the footsteps of a historic and extended cycle of cybercrime that is just getting started and has many long years ahead.  It's essential to begin now to avoid the threats, minimize the risks, and choose better by taking measures that will serve individuals for a lifetime of greater security, digital autonomy, and the peace of mind they bring.  

Thanks for reading,


Brad Deflin

Founder and President

Recommended reading this month: "The New Digital Age - Reshaping the Future of People, Nations, and Business" - by Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, and Jared Cohen, President of Google Ideas. Click here for a review.


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Employee Training - Cybersecurity for Life.

In the new digital age, cybersecurity is everyone's job.  We bring our years of experience in the field at the intersection of people, technology, and risk to bear for impactful workshops that combine elevated awareness, deeper understanding, and behavioral adaptation for "Cybersecurity for Life" training and solutions programs


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Family Office Workshops

For family office employees and the consituents they protect, our distinct approach combines new-school training with real solutions that work personally and professionally.


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CE and CLE Accredited Training

Professionals are increasingly required to understand and comply with privacy and information security regulations to reduce the risk to their careers, and to protect the reputation of their field. 


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Browser Too Slow?

We think Firefox is the best browser out there, but lately it's been painfully slow.  Version 54 has a new feature that solves the problem and provides the speedy response needed for multi-tab browsing.  Be sure you have this feature enabled, here:



Spam and Robo Calls

They aren't just annoying, but risky and expensive too.  Robo calls are dialed 2.4 billion times per month and complaints are up 60%, according to the FCC.  Here is what to do, according to cybersecurity guru Brian Krebs. 


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 #1 Tip for the Day

Like we say, new sensibilities and competencies are required for survival and success in the new digital age.



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