Next-gen product enhancements include AI. Cybercriminals targeting hotel WiFis. Android infections off the charts.


Next-gen protection for customers - We're introducing a free upgrade for our Device Protection customers this week including advanced artificial intelligence and other next-generation improvements:

green_checkmark_rx.jpegDeepGuard 6 - the new version adds artificial intelligence and machine learning. locked_device_mac_laptop_cutout-1.png

green_checkmark_rx.jpegSignificant advancements in anti-malware scanning architecture.

green_checkmark_rx.jpegNew, remotely managed firewall significantly increases security levels.

green_checkmark_rx.jpegSilent upgrades - no longer require a system reboot.

green_checkmark_rx.jpegPlatform design with easy "bolt-on" of additional improvements to come.

I started TDS because:

  • The risk was going mainstream, in a transformational way.
  • The solutions were getting better and cheaper, fast - driven by fresh investment capital and innovation like we have never seen in the industry before.
  • I wanted to capitalize by introducing new, mainstream consumers with new, innovative solutions.

This months news in cyber risk (see below), and the product upgrades we are bringing to customers (see above), are a testament to our strategy.  

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Brad Deflin


Coming Events


Wealth-Symposium-2017-low-res-1-400x284.jpgTotal Wealth Symposium 2017

"Practical Solutions That Work"

Innovation in IT security applied to everyday life. General session and workshops.

September 21-23, The Diplomat, Ft. Lauderdale FL.



Lawyers Assoc Worldwide logo.gif

Lawyers Associated Worldwide

"The New Face of Risk"

Lawyers and the existential nature of cyber risk today. Annual General Meeting - hosted by Broad and Cassel.

October 19th, The Ritz Carlton, South Beach FL.



Embry erau.jpgEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University

"Cybersecurity for Life"

SpeakER Series - November 13th.

Daytona Beach FL campus.


A curated mix of articles with links to solutions made unabashedly convenient:

password brain image.jpg

Password Rules are Wrong

The man who wrote the rules says "sorry."  This is good news!

2003 report recommended using numbers, obscure characters and capital letters and updating regularly—wrong! For the right approach, click here.


Android spyware.jpg

Android - More Than 1,000 Spyware Apps Found 

How to stop worrying?


cyberspies hotel wifi.png

Hotel WiFi Hackers Targeting Wealthy Guests

Hackers are targeting hotel Wi-Fi with particularly evil malware.

VPNs protect - don't leave home without it.


guns gold vpns image.png

Guns, Gold, and VPNs

The liberties and freedom a VPN brings to individuals threatens China.

Get yours now!  

Read more from the NYTimes, or click below for our take.


ML PBIG Jul-2017 Family Social Media Policy.png

Protecting Your Family in the Digital Age

Teach your children well - it's different this time.

A white paper by Merrill Lynch in collaboration with Brad Deflin - new rules for a new age.

Download in PDF here:

orange Download button DP-Android.png

TDS 1-minute animated video what we do.png

Cybersecurity for Life - it's what we do.

Got 60-seconds?  See what we do and how we do it.  

YouTube video here:

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