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Instructions for installing your VPN to an iOS device

These are instructions for installing your VPN from Total Digital Security to an iPhone or iPad.

First, be sure you have the latest iOS version from Apple. Here's how

Now, put about 5 to 10 minutes aside for the installation.


That's all the installation takes.

But the process cannot be interrupted. This is heavy-duty technology, not a retail app, and the installation can be confusing if you don't know what to look for.

So ....

yellow ligh bulb idea graphicWatch the 3-minute video! It will save you time and aggravation.

Click below to play the video.

play icon  .jpg


green_checkmark_rx.jpeg Have your Apple ID and password ready.

green_checkmark_rx.jpeg Close all open apps on your device. Click here for how.

green_checkmark_rx.jpeg Note for Gmail users: We recommend that you use the default iOS email app to open this email, not the Gmail app.


1) Tap the orange Download link in your email from Total Digital Security. This holds your customized link for the installation.

orange Download button DP-Android.png  This button is not active - use the orange button in your email from Total Digital Security.

Clicking the button in your email opens your web browser to download and install the Device Management profile.

2) Tap Allow on your iOS device.

Freedome VPN MDM iOS screenshotVPN installation for iOS MDM screen tap allow


3) On the Device Management profile installation dialog, tap Install

On the Device Management profile installation dialog, tap Install.


4) If your device is protected by a passcode lock, enter your device PIN code or password to allow the installation.

5) Tap Install to continue.

Tap Install to continue.


6) Tap Install again in the App Installation dialogue box to confirm that you want to install the profile.  The Device Management profile is installed. 


7) Tap Trust for Remote Management.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 6.15.17 PM


8) Tap Done.


Tap Done.


9) IMPORTANT - stay on the page you see below.

Wait on red and white screen until the next step pops up.

Do Not click the link "this link" below:


Wait on red and white screen until the next step pops up.  Do Not click the link "this link" below:


10) Tap Install in the App Installation dialogue again.

Tap Install in the App Installation dialogue again.

The Freedome for Business app will be pushed to your device shortly.
Please be patient, depending on your network connection, configuration and setup will take between 15 seconds and 5 minutes. 
11) Now, click the home button on your device to return to the home screen and find the Freedome app on one of your pages.  Wait for it to completely download.
Tap the Freedome icon once the download is complete.
freedome ios icon-384251-edited.jpeg
You may need to sign in to your Apple iTunes account to install the app. Your iTunes account is not charged even if you are asked to sign in.
12) Page through the introductory slides and Start using Freedome.
13) Tap Accept on the Terms of Service page.

14) Agree to notifications, Allow configurations and Continue the process of automatic updates and messages.

15) Tap the center of the dome to turn the protection "ON".

VPN-iOS-Inx-Freedome-is ON


When the VPN connection is active, your device and privacy protection is turned on.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 2.43.14 PM.png


Now, you have the power of encryption on your side, protecting your information and keeping you safe on any network in the world. 

Thank you.

Total Digital Security

Submit the request for support form if your link has expired or you need VPN support:

Click here for the installation video.

F-Secure Headquarters and Operations Center, Helsinki Finland

F-Secure Headquarters and Operations Center, Helsinki Finland

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