The Fixed-Network Security service includes an appliance for onsite installation. The appliance models vary, and installation details may depend on the model you have received.

Coordinate and schedule the installation with a tech support engineer. Contact TDS Support to schedule a 30 minute time period.

It is best to include pictures of your local components; ISP modem, Wi-Fi router, etc. 

Following, are the general installation instructions and guidelines for your reference.

Port Setup for your FNS Appliance 

Port 1 - Connect an outbound ethernet cable from the internet provider modem to Port 1 on your FNS appliance. 

  • Confirm the connection with a support engineer -

Port 'X' - Depending on your appliance model, use the last port (highest number, i.e. 4, 5, or 6) to connect an ethernet cable between the FNS appliance and the in-port on your Wi-Fi modem.

MDS OmniWAN box_3232

NOTE - after the setup:

  • Wi-Fi and LAN connections from your ISP modem are not secure.
  • Wi-Fi and LAN connections from your router are secure.

TEST - now, test the security of your secure network with the ShieldTest:

Click for instant internet security test.