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Welcome to resources and tools for Router Network and WiFi Security from Total Digital Security. 

For installation instructions, please click the "Router Security Installation" button here:

Router Security Installation

For other resources related to securing your router, including changing its password, click here.


How do I check the status of the OmniWAN data centers and network?

My network seems slow, what can I do to speed it up?

I had a power outage, or my internet connection was dropped. How do I reconnect?

How can I test the security of my network?

ShieldTest is blocked when I run the test in my browser. What should I do?

Support Documents

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  • "Why are the Russians in Your Routers?" - read more, here.

Test the Security of Your Router and WiFi Network

With just 1-click and in 1-minute, test the security of the network you are on right now with this comprehensive assessment:

Click for instant internet security test.


About the Router Network and WiFi Security service.

MDS OmniWAN box_3231  MDS OmniWAN box_3232

Appliance included with service at not extra charge or lease expense.

Security is in real-time and managed for optimization 24/7/365.

Comprehensive protection includes all elements of cybersecurity unified and managed together. A partial list of applications in the service includes:

MDS FNS Features list and icons


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