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Accolades and Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

  • "My experience with TDS was outstanding. They were professional, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable, making my set-up a walk in the park! they honestly went above and beyond in explaining all the aspects of the company and why it is beneficial to me. They are easily accessible to assist in any way possible. It was an overall excellent experience!"
    portrait senior man smiling

    Allan C.

    Retired Businessman and Private Investor

  • "I want to thank everyone at Total Digital Security. I feel very confident with your company providing internet security, a private email account, and VPN on my computers and cell phone."
    smiling woman portrait brunette smiling

    Gail B.

    Realtor® - San Diego CA

  • "TDS was great to work with, they are quick to respond to all my questions, and their answers were thorough and easy for me to understand. They took on different issues as they arose and handled them accordingly. Really pleased with the job they did."
    smiling man white hair blue shirt portrait

    David M.

    JD and Consultant