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For a glaring example of the disconnect between U.S. lawmakers and the reality of cyber risk today, despite the Clinton email debacle, read below: "1,000 RNC Attendees Easily Hacked by Fake WiFi Spoof." 

Without a VPN this could have happened to any of us, and bad guys of all stripes will take full advantage of the disconnect for many years to come.

Think this sounds extreme? Well, how about marking the moment cybercrime went existential? "Cybercrime Overtakes Traditional Crimes in the UK." Cybercrime is now the #1 offense in the land that originated common law. And, as the National Crime Agency reported "is still growing exponentially." 

For a fascinating look at how even a Wall Street risk manager, a "Master of the Universe", is scammed when dealing with a typical, unprotected real estate agent using "free" email, see: "A Red Flag and Leading Indicator for Cyber Risk in Real Estate Sales." 

The more profound message in the story is about the changing nature of risk, the astounding level of apathy about it, and the multi-year Golden Age of opportunity it opens for professional criminals from around the world.

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"... the problem is likely far worse ,... cybercrime is vastly under-reported by victims." - The UK's National Crime Agency in their report that cybercrime had surpassed all tradiional crime.


Hacked WiFi Networks at RNC Convention.

"Amidst charged cyber security dialogue, Republican National Convention attendees show negligent behavior."  read more.

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When Cyber Crime Went Existential.

  • #1 crime in the UK, according to the NCA.

  • 1 in 10 a victim, 20 times more likely robbed by computer than on the street.

Read more by our guru Krebs.

"Cybercrime Overtakes Traditional Crime in UK."


"A Red Flag and Leading Indicator for Cyber Risk in Real Estate Sales." 

"My realtor's email was hacked and I'm out $2 million dollars!" sub-quoted an ex-Lehman banker suing his agent.

" ... the breach holds deep implications about traditional notions of risk and the new reality for risk managers in the Digital Age."

Read more.


How Does a VPN Work?

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