Real Estate Pros and A New Version of Wire Fraud

Family Offices Real Estate Sales

If you want to see the state of innovation in crime around the world, watch what's happening in cyber. Smart and sophisticated criminals everywhere are re-tooling their craft for the greatest opportunity in the

Realtors® Association of Palm Beach - Cyber Security for the Realtor®

Real Estate Sales CLE/CE Accredited Learning

Total Digital Security is holding an ongoing series of education and training sessions for members of the RAPB - Realtors® Association of Palm Beach. Two-hour sessions are free for members, and we are available for

Training for Cyber Security in Real Estate Sales.

Real Estate Sales

This course offers a comprehensive overview of cyber risk, cybercrime, and the measures that mitigate the risk professionally and personally - specifically from the standpoint of the real estate sales industry

A Red Flag and Leading Indicator for Cyber Risk in Real Estate Sales.

Real Estate Sales

The recent New York Post headline rang "My realtor's email was hacked, and I'm out $2 million dollars!" to subquote an ex-Lehman banker suing his agent for getting hacked and losing his deposit to fraudsters. This

Speaking, Training, and Workshops for Real Estate Sales Professionals.

Real Estate Sales

When we first coined the "democratization of cyber-risk" in 2012, we explained the phenomenon as a top-down process. Cybercrime started at the top: very large organizations like governments, militaries, and

Cyber Security in Real Estate Sales

Real Estate Sales

"Cyber Security in Real Estate Sales " begins by addressing three crucial questions:   Is cyber risk a real problem in the real estate sales industry? Why is the industry being targeted? How real are the

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