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The Merrill Lynch Private Banking Investment Group released new editions of their white papers; "Protecting Your Family in the Digital Age" and "Does Your Family Need a Social Media Policy?"  Each is relevant and topical, including real-world experiences and practical advice that makes a big difference.  

We are proud to have collaborated and contributed to the valuable information these papers provide.

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Cybersecurity: It's Getting a Little Better - All the Time

THE Beatles once sang that “I have to admit it’s getting better ... a little better., all the time.”

You might not read about it in the headlines, cybersecurity threat protection technology is getting better all the time.

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Cybercrime- Protecting home, families & businesses in the digital age.

We returned this year to the Total Wealth Symposium, held annually by the Sovereign Society for its most elite members and advisors. While the subject matter was intense, the pink and blue hues of Southampton Bermuda were tranquil and serene.

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Cyber Security Education and Training

Total Digital Security provides cyber security training programs that range from comprehensive, employee-wide education and testing, to workshops for professional groups, learning accreditation, C-suites, and compliance related personnel. From the individual to the enterprise, our years of experience in the field provides us data and observations mined from the real-world of people, technology, and risk.

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When Cybercrime Became an Existential Threat.

Mark the moment - cybercrime has joined terrorism as one of the two pillars of existential threats in the world. On July 7th, the UK's NCA (think FBI for the Brits) reported cybercrime is now #1 in the country, surpassing all other forms of crime. Rough math from the report calculates roughly 3% of the entire population has been victimized, but the true figure?  "... the problem is likely far worse,... cybercrime is vastly under-reported by victims." - The UK's National Crime Agency.

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A Red Flag and Leading Indicator for Cyber Risk in Real Estate Sales.

The recent New York Post headline rang "My realtor's email was hacked, and I'm out $2 million dollars!" to subquote an ex-Lehman banker suing his agent for getting hacked and losing his deposit to fraudsters. This notable incident underscores the state of cyber risk in real estate sales and is a red-flag for the industry. It should also serve as a leading indicator of what is immediately ahead for all agents,  brokers, and office managers of any size. More profoundly the breach holds deep implications about traditional notions of risk and the new reality for risk managers in the Digital Age.

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The Imminent Super-Cycle of Cyber Crime

Every new customer that came to us last week all shared the same problem; their email had been hacked. Most were on Gmail, a few on Hotmail, and recently we haven't seen many coming from AOL or Yahoo, but expect that to change soon.

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