Mark the moment, it's time for my first ever blog. I'm not sure why it took me so long, other than simply not making the time for it. I like to write, been told I'm an OK writer, and I have lots to say some times. I read more than anyone I know, follow many, many diverse subjects and interests, and maybe have a knack for seeing what might be interesting and important to others. With my latest endeavor, Total Digital Security, it's time to get out there and share information about what I think are some of the most important and broadly relevant topics of today and the next 10 years; online security, privacy and the hockey-stick performance curve that technology is now ramping upon, and it's influence on the lives of us all.

The purpose of the blog is to inform, educate and enlighten, primarily around technology and IT security and privacy. My audience is intended to be individuals and their application of technology to their personal and family lives, their offices, and their lives as they operate in small groups. The content will be relevant to consumers of technology and their desire to leverage the awesome innovations of our time while maintaining a secure and private environment for themselves and those around them. We will review, critique, opine and share what we think is important, right now, as we conduct our lives as individuals and small groups with the shared understanding that technology provides a cornucopia of content and experiences and will leverage the performance and efficiency of our efforts as long as we retain control over security, privacy and our own identification.

This Tuesday's Wall Street Journal included a letter in it's op-ed section; "How the Government Spied on Me". It is a must-read for anyone that wants to understand the risk at hand in cyber-space today. This is a story that explains with real-life examples, what can happen with just one simple breach of security and how it can domino-effect toward a complete disruption of one's life and cause life-long repercussions. The good news is that almost all of the risk that this person exposed herself to can be avoided, simply and economically. The readers of this blog will have heightened awareness, access to the best solutions, and with some effort, will mitigate almost entirely their risk and potential consequences inherent in the use of technology.

Here is the article but fair warning, it's a horror story;
WSJ - "How the Government Spied on Me"

Yes, a horror story, and so many think the solution has to look like this;


Well, that just isn't the case anymore. We know that technology gets better and cheaper, every year. And not by just a little, but a lot! It all stems from the actual physical nature of technology and is expressed best by Moore's Law; the doubling of chip performance with a halving of price, every 12-18 months. Wikipedia on Moore's Law This is an unprecedented phenomenon, and it will be increasingly difficult for us ol' biological humans to keep up. The chasm between the increasing rate of change in technology and our ability to take it all in, much less while it becomes a bigger and bigger piece of our lives, is going to make for some daunting challenges unless we are informed, educated and, frankly, led by a force that will run interference for us while we go about our real lives. 

Consider this blog and my work to be the interference you need to run on your behalf through the coming maze of innovation and risk, opportunity and potential consequences. We will be constantly vigilant, informed and proactive (perhaps even provocative). We will guide you toward sustaining the increasingly advantageous position of leveraging technology and future innovation. We will show you how to minimize the friction in implementing, operating and maintaining your systems, all-the-while retaining exceptional security and privacy controls.

I appreciate your reading and hope you will stay in touch. Remember, the time is now, and perhaps only now, as it is now longer "if" but is "when" you will become a victim of cyber-crime. Your technology is too important to give up and the risks to real to ignore so stay tuned, keep your switch "on" and subscribe to peace of mind with Total Digital Security.


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